17 Responses to Kristen Stewart 2.0

  1. GreenEggs&Ham

    Hot damn!

  2. johhnyg

    Is there anyway you can point us to a nice tutorial or give us one yourself on how do do this? This is so much fun and the results are bonerific!

    • botd

      It’s a secret.

    • botd

      Glad you like it tho. Next one will be 10 times more fun.

  3. ILL Phil

    She could bite me anyday! With her anus

  4. Ross

    Pardon my cum-tsunami.

  5. Chris

    I thought we were going to be able to ‘Thickify’ this one!

    • botd

      This one’s old, so next one, cause those take a while.

  6. Clyde

    ^ I disagree.

    • botd

      But Clyde, based on what you told me yesterday, you would probably disagree with everybody. And if everybody knew what you said, they would indeed disagree with you. Shit, I’m still trying to figure out how you came up with that. I won’t mention it, to save you from a load of mockery, but I’m sure if I did, everybody would find it pretty damn hilarious.

      • Clyde

        I was just saying I wont help you with your new site. I don’t think anyone on this site wants to go out of their way to assist with such a poorly constructed, and poorly represented site.

        • botd

          You called a site that’s all about links to other sites, “propaganda”. WTF, what does that even mean?

        • botd

          Oh you mean the very first draft of a brand new website that I’m requesting assistance with is “poorly constructed”? You don’t say? And where does the propaganda part come in? I think I’ll save this comment and look back at it a year from now for some laughs.

      • Clyde

        And Another thing, don’t go hating on your regulara.

        Bad business man. I’ll go find another site.

        • botd

          Don’t know how to break this to you bro, but it seems like you’re schizophrenic and megalomaniacal. No diss, just letting you know so you can get yourself checked out before you humiliate yourself even further.

  7. Lt.Col Dafuq

    You are indeed hilarious 😛

  8. lol

    oh photoshop you are so funny!

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