22 Responses to Mandy Muse Booty Claps and Fucks

  1. Joerigs

    What a gorgeous ass, perfect for poundin’ deep…

  2. 100 cm lover

    I recently discovered her before this post and her ass has become the bane of my nutsack’s existence.

  3. Meh


  4. kevin

    did anyone else notice the guy’s dick, its fucking enormous, that’s the reason why I feel insecure with mine

    • BickDickBoi

      Yo don’t feel demotivated pornstars often gimmick their dick but in reality it pains for women if it’s that long… enjoy what you are given and make use of it.

  5. Pete

    Mandy Muse just gets better and better…been a fan since day one

  6. ilovemesomebooty

    Finally a proper scene from this porn goddess. The riding is perfect, arched back doggystyle, missionary is amazing. The last time i saw a great scene from that porn site was the one with klara gold. Where she is oiled and fucked in doggystyle. Her voice is fucked up (very manly) but her body makes up for that. Miss Klara gold is definitely going towards the bbw catagory, just a few more pounds and she’ll become overweight. I hope it won’t come to that.

    • Pete

      I hope klara gold does put on some more weight…she’s one of the few that can actually carry it and look good

  7. bootox

    Well, the lens are helping the experience, but Muse managed to cultivate a nice ass!

    That ass clapping is outstanding!

    Would happily fill her holes with my tool…

    • Zorken

      Ms. Muses’s ass clapping and bouncing never cease to amaze me. Her pussy lips are out of this world too.

  8. Mandigo0017

    The best ass after Alexis Texas

  9. RodRoss

    Link anyone?

  10. Bootyman96

    Love Muse

  11. Nate

    http://es.m.xhamster.com/movies/5480750/sexy_thick_pawg.html Has Anyone found the name yet? Delicious pawg =)


    That top gif is FUCKIN amazing! Beautiful butthole!


      Whoops i mean clip. That booty got me all fucked up haha

  13. BootyFreak

    Damn! Her shit is so clean. I could eat her ass all day!

    • naughtynuff4u

      hmm i never seen clean shit lol.

      • BootyFreak

        Good one

      • Pete


  14. naughtynuff4u

    more like around of applause. emphasis on the round.

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