8 Responses to Jaye Rose Tennis Lessons

  1. Jagr dynasty


  2. jay

    Does anybody have some footage of whooty wonder. Her ass is a gift erom god. She sells vids on clipsale

  3. BSD

    Friends –

    Ahhh…, Jaye Rose.

    I have expended a fair amount of “genetic material” enjoying her work.


  4. poohbia

    Hell yes

  5. dannt

    I found my new wife! thanks Botd superb chick! Love those thick redheads! mamacita!

  6. KingJ

    Goddamn, Jaye Rose is SO THICK! I mean look at her curves bruh

  7. blackfrost

    is it sad it took me 5 mins to realize she was on a tennis court cause all i saw was the booty bouncing?

    • yeah

      I noticed it the very second I saw it, lol. Jaye rose, DAMN some nice curves!

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