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  1. Joeponce

    Sabrina has the best boady hands down and ilike her better so sucket bicthes
    Sabrina hands down and that’s the truth joe out lates

  2. ArmynerdTX

    No.5 mystery girl is named Celia,a French pawg/glamor model

  3. Dreighen

    Roxy – period. That thing is so JUICY AND THICK. AND REAL.

    • onlyhdlover

      Agree man…Nowadays, there are TONS of fake big fat ass booties out there. But natural? selected few.

  4. Yuribarbosa90
  5. Papi chulo

    Kat vong gets my vote.

  6. SH7011

    These are up for booty of the year? I swear you guys are too obsessed with white girls.

    • botd

      Nah you’re just too obsessed with race.

      • uncleknuckles

        hey botd, that’s gaslighting.

        cater to ur audience.

  7. imaletsabrinafinishbutroxiepawgisalltime

    roxie forever

    sabrina for tonight

  8. onlyhdlover

    roxi body is amazing. She gets the vote from me

  9. Ghost

    Nina Kayy.

  10. Christian
    • onlyhdlover

      Nice but we need better angles.

  11. Black mon

    Roxie pawg by a landslide

  12. rambo

    1 Roxie Pawg win

  13. Jwill

    Damn nobody thought of sabella monize ?? Are you kidding me . She was the best to me

    • Zorken

      I guess that since she appeared on the scene way earlier than 2016 she is not contending…

      She’s phenomenal, no doubt… but what has she really done in 2016?

    • Yabajaba

      Chocolate is not my primary flavor but DAMN, easily one of the best models I’ve seen come from that site. And bless whoever uploaded this days after the vid came out, lookin forward to new stuff from her.

      • onlyhdlover

        Agree man. The uploads are greatly appreciated

  14. Anonymous
    • KingJ

      Galda Suicide, a favorite of mine!

      • Anonymous


  15. Manotas

    Hey guys, anyone know who this is? i tried google image search and also tried searching by “cherry tattoo” and i can’t find anything. I’m sure i’ve seen her face before though…


    • President

      Which one from the two? 😀

      • President

        Ah yes, her 🙂

        • GOD

          … this president guy … what a useless cunt.

          anyway; her name is Lana Paes

          • Manotas

            Thanks man. Yea… it was clear i was talking about the girl… i said her and said i searched for “cherry tattoo”…

  16. chevy

    Roxie 4sure nominate rosie divine and celia

  17. Ahmet

    Another vote for Roxie Pawg! Why: 1) Pale complexion and no scars from surgery (because no surgery). 2) Her curves look soft to the touch unlike some of the others on the list. 3) Didn’t go overboard with the tattoos 4) Laid back personality which means you could chill with her even when not smashing.

    • Yabajaba

      Agree with everything here. Chill personality is also a huge plus when you tryin to buy vids/etc from these girls. Some of those wannabe models on IG will try to charge an arm and a leg for 2 mins of video just because they got tons of followers and a bunch of thirsty dudes commenting on their posts.

  18. Danilo
  19. GOD
  20. BlackBrockSampson

    This chick right here should def be on this list. The way that ass bounce is perfection. Can someone please tell me her name?????

  21. meh

    anything new on moriah mills ?

  22. Bobby

    MandyCFit & Yesjelz get my vote.
    I can’t forget Spicy J!

  23. Bootylover99

    Kat Vong is first for me. Although her face could be better. but her body is fire and Latina so good enough for me.

    • Douche Baggins

      exactly.. her face is just like wow, get a bag.

  24. Dus

    Nina Rotti

  25. Big D

    Mazzeratie Monica

  26. Alf

    Pssssh….this B.S. list. Y’all don’t know what booty ‘culture vultures’. Outright disgrace

  27. Slayer007

    Kat Vong

  28. C.A.

    From that list I’ll pick Nina Rotti.

    My own top 5 list of CHOCOLATE GODIVAS, in no particular order
    – instagram.com/ihateghettobarbie
    – instagram.com/mermaidmonroe
    – instagram.com/sanchiworld
    – instagram.com/msdamn
    – instagram.com/msrtaye

  29. DaBootySquad

    I’m partial to Kat Vong due to her being short, thick, and Latina (Dominican). Lacey Jane is a very close second to me. She can get the D any day. The Mystery Club girl is nice so she’s third in my book. Then its:
    4. Lena
    5. Nina Kay
    6. Sabrina
    7. Roxy
    8. Nina Rotti

  30. niga


  31. bob

    mystery club lady gets me insta-hard very time i have no idea why

  32. 2ndGod

    when it comes to just these pictures, i’ll go w kat vong

    gotta do research


  33. E$C


  34. Beardo

    Lena the Plug. /end

  35. Roxie Pawg fan

    Roxie Pawg

  36. zero

    1 Roxie PAWG
    She is the best

  37. poohbia

    Kat Vong, Sabrina, and Lena The Plug for me

  38. 1_love

    if I’m picking out of these pics then it’s between Lacey & Sabrina. Both of their asses are 100% real and juicy as fuck, all while maintaining a flawless figure and they’re both down to earth and chill as fuck. Though if i had to pick between the 2, Lacey would get my vote.

  39. Zorken

    I will go with Lacey Jane.. I guess she’s the most beautiful one and I’m a sucker for ass claps, lol…

    I also agree that Tiff Cappo and Blondi Fesser could win, but they came to scene before 2016 so that’s why ther’re not contending..

  40. BootyApprentice

    I’d say Roxie, but she’s retired. So by default Katvong

  41. PAWgLuvr

    AnnaSophia Robb – her ass don’t get talked about enough:


    • Goldy

      I see you, so I know you are a true ass afficionado. She been on my radar for bout three to four years. She is most definitely a beast for the petite girls.

    • Q

      Not a PAWGS to me but she cute.

  42. supa


  43. Pete

    Maaaaaaan, I keep throwing Alycia Starr at y’all cats and you’re still sleeping on her. So I’m nominating her


    • BootyApprentice

      Alycia Starr def should be on here and def would get my vote

      • Pete

        My man, right ??

    • poohbia


  44. hohoho

    I’m a fan of yesjulz, ill vote her.

  45. lolman

    HOW COULD YOU LEAVE HARLOTSWEBB OUT??? https://www.reddit.com/user/HarlotsWebb/submitted/

    Her lastest posts are absolutely jawdroping. She’s better than any girl of that list IMO.

    • onlyhdlover

      wow bro that ass is all the way up!

  46. DGAF

    Yo yo yo yo check this out please you will not be let down please, lord oh lord


    And that shit is real

  47. Maxwell

    Mystery club girl blew my mind, she was so sexy in that dress, I honestly feel a nice pulled up dress with heels is sexier than a naked booty by far. For me she’s the top 1, Katvong is good also she’s my second.

  48. Murrieed

    Roxy Pawg

  49. realreal

    Roxiepawg was booty of the year IMO. Her ass is just perfection.

  50. Beast

    Rosee Divine #1

    • bootox

      Yeah man, I really love this one, but sadly she’s retired right now unless she changed her mind. Sadly…

      That is an outstanding ass that deserves to be praised. I can say that just a few girls on business can compete with her.

      • Beast

        I wish there would be a girl outside with an ass like Rosee Divine but doing hardcore stuff 😀

  51. QUERJA


  52. none of these

    booty of the yr imo should be non commerce oriented..PURE natural “everyday woman” not one of these fine scripted , directed.. and hheavily edoted ladys profiting from said booty (i have no issue w this by the way.. more power to em! just a buzz kill to me.. rat caut by a rat trap). something special about a fat ass thats not being sold to you!

    in no particular order

    tiff cappo (i kno.. this contradicts my statement, but she def has a normal life and occupation and is always up on this site)

    snowey deville ( so naturally sexy.. wifey style)

    miricle garcia (so new to her.. huge amazing latina ass…but just deleted ig :(.. thanks to the cat who posted her ig on the last links post)

    • none of these

      btw ..mystery club girl is def a score and top of this list!

      • The Mayor

        I’m with you bro on the first 2. Tiff Capo is something special, I think her dude is a douche. He just seems like it. But she is full all over with the face to match.

        I tried to put these cats on Snowy Deville a while back but no one seemed to respond. She is classic girl next door (all natural). She’s a cool chick too.

        Not familiar with the last one but if she’s in this list, I’m sure she’s nice.

  53. Horrorshow

    I like Sabrina the most tbh

  54. Bigman

    Honorable mention for Katvong, though; I never stood a chance of leaving MFC with full balls when she was camming.

  55. Bigman

    One thousand times Roxie, and it almost hurts to say that because we won’t even see any more content from her.

    Hot damn, though, I’d live in that ass.

  56. Traxx

    Lacey Jane for me

  57. BlackKojak

    Hey BOTD, have you seen the new Mobile Strike as with Olivia Jensen??

    Feast your eyes: https://youtu.be/57P-meH6c38

    • Goldy

      All day, erryday Olivia is my number one PAWG. The only person that I would place next to her is Ashley Graham. If I won the mega millions or powerball, I would pay for them to spend time with me e.g. the Sultan of Brunei; then I would get Iskra Lawrence, Natasha Absolutely, and Vanessa Blake. Then, I would have vacation spots in Cuba, Puerto Rico and throughout South America, because the women are insatiable. I can’t forget about African women, because those women have MONSTER ASSES. Fellas go to youtube and look at thick African women; or the thickest African actresses. Real Asses, fuck a video vixen, gimme a Hottentot Venus.

  58. GSAgent89

    Sorry Mr. BOTD
    Tiffany Cappotelly will remain forever of my favorite
    but Kat Vong of these items

  59. Goldy

    Roxie and Sabrina are the truth.

  60. Q

    Number 2 gets my first place, followed by a close run-her-up… number 6.
    Thanks for all you do BOTD!!!
    HAPPY 2017.
    You have a true follower.

  61. Ranranran

    Celia French

    • OZZ

      I second her. Although she really didn’t come out with much more this year.

  62. Willie Beamon

    Kat Von G….by far. I follow her on snapchat and BRO!! She is the truth!!

    • Douche Baggins

      She’s just so NOT… yuck.

  63. Yabajaba

    RoxiePawg for sure.

    Huge natural ass that puts all these “bad bitch” types to shame. Cute face too. Really a damn shame this girl wasn’t well know until after she quit camming. Would’ve loved to check her out / ask if she does vids.

    Sabrina is a strong 2nd except all her content sucks and she rarely even shows her ass. It’s not even that big, but those hips are insaaaaane.

    Also hope mystery club girl makes a return somewhere. Doubt it though.

  64. KingJames

    Roxie Pawg: not special enough imo

    Kat Vong: would think about her, but besides her ‘struggle with pants’ and ‘thong in jeans’ vid she did not have that much special

    Nina Rotti: not special enough

    Lacey Jane: not special enough and doesn’t bring enough quality staff (she’s on camsoda now by the way guys but isn’t online that much, once a week a guess)

    Mystery Club Girl: definitely a good one, but with only one vid I can’t say she is boty

    Nina Kayy: if she would stay fat as in her first scenes ok, but she lost too much weight in the second half of the year, not for me unfortunately

    Sabrina: not special enough

    Lena The Plug: definitely a good one, but doesn’t bring enough good stuff to be nominated, but her legendary picture upside down on the bed is still mouthwatering

    I would nominate:

    – persianbaddie due to her camsoda videos; we can discuss whether such a huge fake ass is a turn on, but I like it
    – lela star; unfortunately does not bring out enough videos, but her return with her huge fake ass was great and her assparade scene is imo one of the best 3 scenes ever in porn history
    – cherrybarbie; camsoda and connectpall model, does perform sex in her connectpall vids, if you search well you can find it online, overly fake but really big, round and she knows how to use her ass
    – klara gold/assh lee; lost weight unfortunately just like nina kayy, but her ass worship 16 scene was really good and she still has a great ass
    – blondie fesser; no explanation needed
    – ryan conner; great return to porn with some good scenes, she still loves anal and to flaunt with her great ass

    some other good instagram/cam models I would like to mention:

    – pink_kittyx (check this one out guys, body shape is really rare)
    – alexandra uchi (japanese with a huge ass with implants_
    – jailyne ojeda (great shape)
    – lisaaires (argentinian camsoda and ig model with great ass implants)
    – thenumerauna (blond serbian with a phat ass, was in a clip of snoop dogg recently)
    – vvs (fat chubby latina with a fat ass)
    – msroundcake (candid model all over the internet, ass sticks out real bad)
    – lynmonroe (ig model with a great ass)
    – misslouboutin/cecibel vogel (beautifull blonde, beautifull ass)
    – jcakesbx (latina model with really big cheeks)
    – stephbad (same as jcakesbx)

  65. fanbootyday
    • fanbootyday

      insta bootyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG9Xsa0Hvdk

    • Douche Baggins

      She’s just so MEH.

      Absolutely have to go with #1, Roxie Pawg. I also really like Mystery Club Girl.

    • Danilo

      guys where to download or watch free mixedmag and dynastyseries videos??

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