34 Responses to Thick Rubenesque Instagram Girl Sabrina

  1. 100 cm lover

    Waist training to the maximum effect.

  2. Johnny Blaze

    Has anyone actually followed this girl on Twitter? OMG, she’s like the most angry girl I’ve ever seen. Wants to kill this person, beat this person’s ass. And she talks so extremely ghetto. While Always talking about being high on Xanex and being drunk. This is like everyday she goes on these hatred rants for hrs it seems lol. She definitely has serous attitude and anger issues. Sad how someone can be so beautiful and yet her attitude and anger is very ugly. Yea she’s smokin, but wow, I was shocked when I read her tweets.

    • realreal

      that’s kinda our fault, we put these kinds of big-ass girls in a pedestal and they think they’re powerful af. Also black dudes treat them like goddesses, wtf.

  3. pfunk

    Mal Mallory Version 2.0

  4. Athr

    Those sexy wide hips are unbelievable…

  5. Alf

    Now BOTD, you know how i think pawg after pawg posted quickly grows vapid… But if this is a pawg, which I’m assuming she is, this is without a doubt a Pawg beyond Pawgs. i mean the hips on her is special, almost unreal… Perfect for a pawg. Straight up

  6. BSD

    Friends –

    Sometimes I think God is just fuckin’ with us.

    If this girl walked into my room, with that tiny waist leading to those magnificent hips…

    I would just burst into tears.


  7. BootyFreak

    Okay, I would definitely have to have my head between those thighs and drill that ass from the back!

  8. Zorken

    Hey BOTD let me tell you something.. somehow, the mobile version of this site is stuck at the “Big booty splits – part 3” post and hasn’t been updated since then! Just a heads up..

    • botd

      Thanks for the info. It’s probably because I made a mistake with the “Add to homescreen” feature. On Chrome mobile right? You could either use a different browser like Firefox (I recommend Firefox mobile browser anyway because of the autoplaying videoloops), or you could try to remove the BOTD icon from your homescreen, and then go to Application settings > Chrome > Clear Data or something. And then next time it asks you to add to homescreen, say yes and it should be okay.

      • Zorken

        Yeeep, it’s Chrome mobile! I’m gonna do that! Thanks!!

  9. Rgz47

    Great googly moogly!

  10. Johnny Blaze

    I’m gonna guess she’s yet another phat ass girl that’s only into black or Latino men…Why is it that so many big Butt girls are only into black and latino dudes? So tired of that. I can treat em good dammit LoL

    • Alf

      Lemme try to answer this succinctly and eloquently for you, as a fellow black man that loves big ass bitches and bbws. Before it was popular for white women to have big asses white men would often berate them or erroneously label them as “fat”. Now on the other hand, with brothers we love them “thick” full and voluptuous. And the Thicker the better. Shapely and well-proportioned BBWs are the highest form of sexual appeal to a nigga. Simply the thicker they are the more attractive they become. It’s in just about all black men’s D.N.A. we love big asses. Now you see we don’t ridicule these big beautiful women for their goddess shapes, we praise them for it… Plus, honestly a lot of chicks like the way niggas carry themselves we’re accepting, cool, and unjudgemental, and also, no homo, but the bbc helps to get bitches. Just saying bitches love it big just we love bitches with big asses.

      • Alf

        just like*we love..

      • Poohbia

        This comment had me busting up laughing at work lol

        Its true though, flat bodies used to be praised in society, specifically white society, things are changing though

        • Alf

          Poohbia, I ain’t try to be an asshole hahaha but I can’t tell you how many times at jobs in the Atl white dudes would say “her ass is too big” sometimes even mexicans say that too , not usually though, and i’m the nigga like “huh, too big, wtf u’talmbout?” ain’t no such thing as an ass too big it can’t be fucked. Example look at “The Butt” her big ol ass would get the work if she gave me a chance.

      • xdbs

        Alf, no matter what you say. I’m multi-racial and hung. Size does not matter, my ex, who was thick sexy huge fucking ass. Maybe not on par with this girl, but she was a super pawg. She did not like the “BBC” or the “Hung dude” like you might think bro. Size does not matter, she preferred smaller guys, it just up to the woman. And in the end if the woman loves you for you, she won’t care about your size unless you are a super micro penis.

    • Bootylove

      Because white people for the longest time were primarily into pancake butts, narrow hips and skinny thighs. Or at least those were the societal norms back in the day. Things are changing, and the thin ideal is starting to lose its appeal, but you can’t blame thick girls for veering towards us black and hispanic brothers when they were always called fat in their own culture just for having curves.

      If I were to point fingers and blame something for creating this mess for you people, it’s most definitely the fashion/modelling industry, along with the media. Hell, if Marilyn Monroe was active as a model right now, she’d considered plus sized. It’s fucked up, but times are changing.

    • Anonymous

      @Johnny Blaze: It’s not just the thick women. I grew up in a city with a mostly Asian (mainland Chinese) population in Southern California during the 90’s. From interacting and going to school with them, there was evidence of an underlying racism coming from 1st generation immigrant parents emphasizing not to date out of their race – and for the females to date a black dude resulted in being disowned. I moved out on my own and lived in a city with a mostly Armenian population. Same results. 1st generation immigrant parents warning their daughters not to mess around outside of their race and getting disowned if a girl messed with a black dude. Now the interesting part is, all this prohibition by Asian and Armenian parents resulted in their daughters dating black dudes exclusively.

  11. Yabajaba

    I’ve been following her for quite some time now, since back when the Vanillacurves page was unknowingly linking the fraud account that was using her pics to scam people with a $15 fake SnapChat (which I almost bought).

    Here’s everything I have: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/3JcvxG5q/file.html

    Lots of pics, a couple of short vids. Not super great quality, probably because a lot of them are mirror shots. She doesn’t fully show her ass for the most part, but you can clearly see her hips and thighs are on par with Chun Li’s.

    • Yabajaba

      Just realized it all comes up to about 11mb’s. Nearly 90 files….

      Yeaaahhh, the quality’s definitely not on point.

      • xdbs

        Yeah its a virus.

  12. Ghost

    BOTD, do you have any idea who this girl is? http://www.tumbex.com/tumblr/supersnake14/post/147287012786

    • Cjay

      Thats…. AJ Applegate

      • Ghost


  13. realreal

    good lord that body was made for sex, probably the best body i’ve seen here since roxypawg (RIP)

    • Phil

      What do you mean RIP? Did she pass away??????

  14. Taiwatcher

    I honestly wouldn’t know how I would begin fucking this chick.

  15. iceman8069

    Damn….she is fine as fuck! Just completely perfect!

  16. Cjay

    A wise Spanish Man said once …Esta Cojible!!!,, Shes Fuckable LOL…Them hips ASS to waist ratio damm godess…

  17. RasTrent

    Hot ass bod, but minus points for the fucking Romney shirt. That dude is prolly all about some Mormon pancake butt

    • ChiefChubbyChaser

      Lol! I was about to say the same.

  18. Rall

    she is perfect!!!!!

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