11 Responses to Stationary Bike Booty

  1. Never

    OMG ! She’s finally on The site ! BigBottomBehavior ! Please tag her, BOTD
    She has a snapchat too
    What I noticed is that she showing her skin more often than before and doing more suggestive poses…

  2. DaBootySquad

    Yeah, I can’t tag the girls anymore because tumblr deletes them. Fuckers! But yeah it’s @bigbottombehavior

  3. BootyFreak

    That’s an ass you bang as hard as you can!

  4. Bxgg

    Man Botd i thought u knew. Thats

    • Willie Beamon

      Yes sir. She lives here in Houston. Her ass is serious.

  5. iceman8069

    I sure would love to be that seat!

  6. Alf

    Damn , where the fuck all these Pawgs comin’ from!

    • Cjay

      she ain’t a pawg she’s Hispanic Guatemalan girl…just cause a girl white or light skin don”t mean she a pawg..She needs to be a White Girl from European descent to be a pawg Homie..

      • Piro

        Look man. You are complety wrong. First is ascendancy, not descendent. Second if she is white “hispanic” as you said or light skin is because she does have European background. Read more and your welcome

        • Dat_nigga

          Your WRONG Piro the definition of PAWG is (Phat Ass White GIrl) that’s why that word was invented, its just to many dudes using the word and don’t really know the definition correctly … of Course there is Going be light skin in every Race..Can’t Deny that, but a Latina,or Arabic,or Asian is not Completely white, yeah they have European descent and some have have white or light skin ..But I ain’t going to call a hispanic girl a pawg just cause of that.. A black girl can have European in her and be light skin ,,you going to call her PAWG too..fuck no…Only Pawgs are White girls ma niggah,,, phat Ass White girls…German,English,Swedish,Irish,Holland,french etc .. that’s it..now they can be mix German Irish, Swedish irsh so on and so on,but the blood line is still Anglo White..

          • Piro

            You have a stand, and somehow is good, but not at all!!!!

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