12 Responses to Suicide Girl Charlotte aka Chad Suicide

  1. GDUB

    The Suicide Girls are incredible girls.

  2. enrique

    she has gained quite an amount of weight recently, her ass is huge now, and is amazing !!

  3. BBBB

    The name is Charlotte Herbert.

  4. Bootyman96

    I remember ShoTime featured a SuicideGirls doc and I thought it was weird and cool and sexy all at the same time. This was like 2 years ago. The fact that this site is showing some models from that franchise, especially thick models, means we don’t care about tattoos they’re already a work of art either with more or less tats on them. It’s great to have an open mind and this chick looks amazing anyway.

  5. Aalim

    I need to get my girl to have that body. To the gym……….

  6. Memo

    Love love suicide girls, let’s see more please!!

  7. someone
  8. iceman8069

    She’s fucking gorgeous! And what a great body!

  9. BlackBrockSampson

    Anyone have a link for the new Virgo Peridot scene?

    • Ilovemesomebooty


      I think it’s one boring ass scene. (no pun intended) It sounds like she’s not even into it. As if she’s bored. The male actor has “the tools” but unfortunately doesn’t apply them correctly.

      Her ass is fantastic, though. I’ll give her that.

  10. C.O.E.

    Would suicide on that ass quick fast and a hurry!

  11. beardo

    Would wife immediately.

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