26 Responses to Charlotte Chad Suicide Photoshoot

  1. Dave3

    Wow what an ass!

  2. Bootylover99

    someone get bangbros to book Betty Cage from castingcouch bettycage69@gmail.com

  3. meh

    she neeeds to try some assclapping

  4. realreal

    She really looks like a twin of Ryan Smiles… the good twin for sure, Ryan is a horrible person haha

    • Naughtynuff4u

      I paid $60 for something and she still hasn’t sent it to me and its been 7 months already so yeah, you’re right about her being an asshole.

      • realreal

        why did you pay 60 to her??

        • naughtynuff4u


  5. I'm lovin' It

    Fuuck, I love the shape of her ass. Hhhnnnngg. ¤_¤

  7. theMAc

    Dam i could mistake her for Ryan Smiles Sister,, she banging ,ass so right definitely Smash !!!, but them tattoos got to go,,, why she tag them sexy thick thighs,,seriously she don”t need tattoos on them thighs,,some of these thick thigh bitches need to stop getting tattoos on that ass and thighs…stll ass is banging..:)

  8. poohbia

    Her body looks just like Ryan’s

  9. Spawn

    Jesus Ass-Tapping Christ!

  10. Bootylove

    It’s a good thing white girls start to feel more pride in having an actual feminine body.

  11. RookieTime123

    she looks thicker then in her last post here.

    she looks amazing need to see more of her.

  12. DgOlBk1001

    Thats Ryan Smiles

    • commentingaccount

      It’s not, if you click on the links and shit. She just looks a lot like Ryan.

    • MiseryCaine

      Holy shit, I thought it was her too. But Ryan doesn’t have those tats on her legs.

    • Zorken

      Where’s Ryan by the way? She had a comeback this year, stayed for a little while and then….. out of the scene AGAIN! It seems she just can’t stay in the bis for long before having to take a break. Damn… it’s sad because I really love watching her fat ass bounce….

      • pfunk_us

        Didn’t she get busted for slavery and supposedly dealing with legal issues.

        • Zorken

          Yep, that was before, in her first 2 breaks…. I really got no info on what might possibly be the case now, but given her history I guess it is some problem with jail and police yet again..

          • Pete

            Believe she’s just doing internet work at the moment……still in the business tho

        • Ghost

          Human trafficking for the purposes of forced prostitution. I was like damn, that’s a vile human being. Still nutted on her though.

          • Zorken

            Yep, I did the exactly same thing… she deserves to face justice, but I’m still gonna get hard watching that ass, oh I will…

  13. KingJ

    NOW SHE IS HOT!!!!!

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