18 Responses to Aylin Aysun Booty Twerk

  1. GDUB

    Aylin is incredible.

  2. Maxwell

    Damn most of the dudes here are like BOTD you guys like fat chics, this chic is perfect, you guys say thin like it’s a bad thing, this is fit with a perfect bubble butt. My type of chic plus she’s middle eastern I like middle eastern chics.

  3. Aalim Chin

    Hulk smash

    • RookieTime123

      Thank you real mvp

  4. iceman8069


  5. Pete

    Like my fellas said, alright for a thin one

  6. мимокрокодил

    link to vid please

  7. Bootyman96
  8. chris

    Jesus she can work it! Amazing for such a thin chick.

  9. I'm lovin' It

    This is how the Universe was created.

    • Bootology


  10. poohbia

    She’s all right for a thin chick

  11. PonyViper


  12. Kees

    This is just GORGEOUS. Damn.

  13. Darkaholic

    If that isn’t a well rounded and fit booty I don’t know what is.

  14. Q

    Nice floppage!!!

  15. beardo


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