30 Responses to Thick and Juicy Snowbunny

  1. BigBootyLova

    Love this super phat ass, I want to pump the shit out of it.

  2. resevoir_dog

    one of my favorites

  3. PonyViper

    Out Sta ding. Girl you knock me out.

  4. mailman

    botd you need to add more of her, please!!!

    • JE

      Monica Mazzeratie

  6. delivery
  7. BootyFreak

    Now this is a woman you bend over and stuff your face and tongue in as far as possible and then bang the shit out if.

    • BootyFreak

      That’s suppose to say out of.

  8. Greg

    She is so hot.

  9. Savage

    Hey BOTD I have a question for you. Do you know who this woman is? If you don’t maybe you can post it and maybe someone in the comment would know who. Thanks.


  10. Mr. 30 mins

    My fingers would fall off by the time I finish typing everything I would do to this bitch

  11. John Jacobson

    Can you stop posting fat chicks and stick to posting phat chicks?

    Nonetheless I’ve been on here since 2012 and greatly appreciate your fine work.

    • botd

      I never post fat chicks. And this girl is the epitome of mytype and the definition of phat.

      • Q


      • poohbia

        Dude is on the wrong site if he thinks this chick is fat

      • Pete

        Honestly don’t get these dudes !!! 1 telling you what to post and 2 complaining when the site is called BOOTY OF THE DAY. In which this one has ass for days

        Idea for some of y’all, create your own site and then do whatever the fuck you want

      • Zorken

        Keep doing this great work, my man.. I believe that gentleman is working with messed up definitions of “fat” and “phat”, so I will try to clarify them here:

        fat: a chick with a huge, unsexy, protuberant belly that outsizes every other part of her body, making her look like a landwhale. Her gigantic, cellulite-filled belly is the first part of her to enter places. Everyting I don’t want in a chick..

        phat: This post. Sexy as hell, a dream come true.

        I hope I was clear.

        • Zorken


          Oh and just to further describe a “phat” girl.. notice how her tits are the first part of her to enter places and the big ass is the last part of her to leave the place. No more questions, your honor

      • Blahblah

        Hey BOTD maybe another addition to the site?

        Wowzers! You Will Shocked At The Amount Of Junk In Her Trunk http://www.break.com/video/nice-you-will-shocked-at-the-amount-of-junk-in-her-trunk-3037240

        Who the hell is that

  12. Cjay

    Nice, i seen a couple of her naked webcam pics and videos a couple of years ago ,, she’s hella Sexy..this girl is certified PAWG .. use to be even thicker back then..

  13. poohbia

    Daymn son, this is oroni? She looks way better as a brunette, my pullout game would be nonexistent

    • poohbia


  14. iceman8069

    Damn she bad as fuck!

  15. PonyViper

    You can’t hid talent like that.

  16. jaymak

    Smash……a few dozen times…in every whole she will go for….

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