12 Responses to Thick Girls on the Side

  1. Al Bundy

    Hey BOTD. Any reason why some of these clips won’t play on an iPhone?

    • Al Bundy

      To be exact #2 won’t play 🙁

      • botd

        My bad, try it now.

  2. Greg

    Demi does do porn, she is by far the hottest one out of all these!

  3. poohbia

    #3 and 5, yes

  4. blackfrost

    is it just me or does Jaye Rose, and Taylor Burton kinda looks alike. i don’t know, maybe i just Fap to much and everything looks the same lol.

    • BSD


      Well, they’re both pale, they’re both redheads, and they’re both thick. (Although Taylor Burton is somewhat chubbier than Jaye Rose.) But they don’t favor each other facially to me. Jaye Rose is Welsh, while Taylor Burton is German.

      Both have been on the BSD “SMASH” list for quite some time.


  5. Al Bundy

    #2 is my favorite. #1 & #4 have that fat kinda face.

  6. Pete

    Maaaan, I wish Demi Scott did porn

  7. Yeah

    Thank you for the names! wooo!

    • Lara

      Whose #2?

      • Lara


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