7 Responses to Jogger Booty

  1. blackfrost

    yea i would take up running everyday if i got to see this in front of me while running

  2. Udder Appreciation

    Fuck yeah

  3. Your Humble Narrator

    Someone needs to stop this girl before all that jogging does irreparable damage to that ass.

    • mee(a)t

      I don’t think that’s how it works

      • Spungn

        HAH!! Damn!! Just….at both of us, hahaha!

      • Your Humble Narrator

        You show me a single distance runner (key word: distance – which is obviously what she’s trying out) with a body like that. That is how it works my friend. Nonetheless, I wish there were more girls with bodies like this on my running route.

        • mee(a)t

          I see a few every time I jog

          Jogging sheds fat and tones your legs and butt (not saying its the only way). You don’t suddenly lose your butt if you start jogging

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