12 Responses to Big Booty Bartender

  1. Christopher

    Where was this?

  2. HWBD

    Wow i just want to bury my face in that ass

  3. blackfrost

    great pic once again *cheers*

  4. Chaos

    Must be soft to the touch

  5. Electriwizard

    My eyes thank you, BOTD!!!

  6. Desipimp

    She should b stripping on stage with an ass so fine!

  7. StickMan

    I’ll drink to that!

  8. Boooty freak

    That is a nice ASS!

  9. Cakey

    BOTD is a reliable epicenter for enhanced visual stimulation. I check the bookmarked site daily, always enthused to see what top-tier eye-candy may be posted. Thank you for being a consistent source for high quality media depicting the essence of beauty, as defined by the BOTD community’s collective subjective tastes. Long live BOTD!

    • DR. E

      Whoa!! we got a badass over here

    • botd

      Cakey, sounds like a positive review from a magazine article. I should hire you to be VP of the Marketing Department…if I had a Marketing Department.

  10. sm84

    that bar is just surviving jus because of her…….she should be commented for that…….!!!
    but luv tat ass………………..DAAAAAMN……………!!!!!

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