32 Responses to Janey Buckingham’s Thickness – Part 3

  1. Qwerty

    Most definitely smash

  2. Case

    She lost me on the last pic. Her perfect size (or any woman for that matter) is the infamous snow scene. I’m sure I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of all her smiling too. Let’s get some dental insurance in this mug.

  3. Mr.30mins

    Smash, I’d tear her up…

  4. tmf

    meh…that’s the figure my wife has…except add fake tits installed 12 years ago when she was 19. Im trying to get her to shed some pounds.

    I get that at home already. If I am fapping, has to be better than that.

  5. Dittx

    Would definitely smash. Though, with the last one only after peeping other options. It’s images like that confuse the fat/thick distinction for the uninitiated.

  6. Maxwell

    Those are some jumbo flap jacks,hate to say it but in a couple years that’s gonna look terrible hanging to her belly button, I’d smash, but she should probably get a breast lift/reduction

  7. Poon Raider


  8. commentingaccount

    So, who is her friend in the first vid?

  9. Zorken

    Anyone got a link to the first one?? Pretty please?? PLEAAAZZEE!!

  10. botd

    Here’s a stretched out version of the last one. (Disclosure: I found this stretched version more fappable, yes even while knowing that it’s been distorted)…


    Damn, 219 upvotes, 1 downvote.

    • BSD

      BOTD –

      Well, that helps explain the extra size in the most recent clips. Besides the natural thickening as she got older, the chick was pregnant. Or had recently been pregnant. With all the milk she was squeezin’ out of those puppies, she could have kept all of us in Cap’n Crunch and Corn Flakes for years.

      Damn! Some mofo was all up in there and seeded in her. And it wasn’t me.



  11. Douche Baggins

    She actually looks better… got a little skinny for a while. She just fluffed out in all the right places, definitely a SMASH.

    She needs to tame that freaking bush, though.. ack!

  12. mondotoken

    …yeah, I’d definitely WIFE that one for sure!!

  13. Goldy

    This broad is like a 5 out of a 10. The body is a 8 out of 10, but ole girl look really stank. This is a desperation hit, when my pockets are tapped; late at night – 3AM

    • BSD

      GOLDY –

      “Desperation hit”?


      I don’t think you gotta worry about that homie. By the time you and all the other dawgs in the club are done squabblin’ over Halle Berry at 3AM, and you go lookin’ around for what’s left, this girl is not gonna be there. With that body she’s rockin’, I guarantee she is gonna be head down butt up in front of me or some ofher fool long before then. Trust me on that one.

      Play on playa.


      • iceman8069

        Well said! BSD…well said!

  14. smash

    When you can see the booty from the front and the titties from the back, you give her the ring.

    • Case

      Damn, I might have to replace
      The Golden Rule for that one. You sir are very wise.

  15. Electriwizard

    Definitely smash. A real man ain’t scared of plump,juicy, thick, creamy, sticky honey.

  16. C.A.

    She looks FUN!

  17. Double Take

    ***** 5 Star lady right there. Excellent post!

  18. blackfrost

    smash like there is no tomorrow out of this one. no doubt

  19. Poohbia

    Shes straddling the line on the last one for me but I’d smash

  20. RasTrent
  21. BSD

    Friends –

    This woman will never get too big for me. You put THAT degree of thickness, on THAT level of inherent, natural, shapeliness, and it’s almost like God is just fuckin’ with us. She’s almost like a cartoon, she’s so deliciously curvy and juicy. And ALL NATURAL, that’s is key.

    I literally get lightheaded when I see this woman.


    • Lew

      this is poetry.. perfect and i cant thank you enough for contributing to my discovery of her.

  22. Pete

    S.M.A.S.H. !!!!

  23. Mashun

    Smash all the time

  24. pizdec


  25. Seb

    She leveled upon the last one

  26. KingJ

    Hulk SMASH!!!

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