20 Responses to Mexican Milf Booty Bounce

  1. spiderm

    Please change this title, she is not brazilian she is mexican

  2. Electriwizard

    Ordinary piece of ass. Thick, but definitely, not that special. Maybe after a 12 pack, if she pays for it.

    • White Devil

      She’s absoliteym

  3. Alf

    This bitch got wide hips and a flat booty. Her name Paola Stone, that’s right this bitch booty shape like a god damn monolithic slab of hard-sheet rock… I hate a bitch that got wide hips and ain’t got no bubble.
    Damn… she fooling a lot of you niggas. Smh

    • cocoblanco

      does this mean im in the club!?!?
      “you niggas”
      or u only speaking to botds african american following? .. and playing both sides of this term

    • botd

      Guys don’t let Alf confuse you. He’s Opposite Man. Everything he says is the opposite. Once you know that then everything he says makes perfect sense.

      True Alfred, wide hips are the best and bubbles are overrated.

      • jabooty

        Bubbles butts are not overrated and there is nothing wrong with wide hips…

      • Alf

        hahaha, of all the bastards I like you the most because you provide the entertainment my nigga, fo sho i’m that nigga that argues over everything, some say i’m play the devil’s advocate. Maybe, but just like my dad told me. “some one who always complains either gets what they want or cant be happy” i like to believe i’m the former…
        Despite all my querulousness I’m a huge fan of this website…But you still ain’t gonna get a check from a cheap nigga like me haha

        • Maxwell

          Nigga I was like nigga then nigga was like nigaahhhh

  4. Anon

    Somebody. Anybody. Got pics, vids or anything more of her?!!!! http://spankbang.com/86ol/video/miss+fortune+big+bubbling+butt+club

  5. Pete

    Pass brotha BOTD, pass……

  6. ChiefChubbyChaser

    This ass is basic. It isn’t really that spectacular in any way. Might be better if she put on a little more weight, but really she doesn’t have that great of curves, nor is her booty really that round. This is mediocre. :/

  7. ilovemesomebooty

    She thick as fuck. But i can’t find a single damn video on this fine mamacita!

    If you got some info, share with the brothers on this great site!

  8. Thankgodforus

    and busted as fuck.. is she bald?
    that ass tho

    • C.A.

      Bald? Busted? Bitch where?!

  9. Goldy

    That is a phat joint right there.

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