14 Responses to Just a Little Jiggle

  1. questioner

    I have a question, please.
    There was a website called culioneros It has most beautiful big asses, But this website stops to update videos.
    Anyone has an idea, the reasons. If it is release video under another name.

  2. rod2unreal

    I cant bolive i waited 3 days for this por excuse of improvement this i a really bad initial post after 3 days of suspence

    • botd

      Stuff is brewing in the labs. Could be coming soon, or could take longer. It’s been four days so something had to be posted. If you think this is a really bad post, I’d like to know what you’re comparing it to.

      • Squidhunter

        Ungrateful, entitled Son of a Dog..

        How does one go about putting on an Avatar?

        • rod2unreal

          Dude sometimes you have to speak im not ungrateful i love this site but when you have a 4 day suspense you expect a banging ass that leaves you saying. Wow what an ass not this hommy not this.

  3. 843bigred

    Welcome back!!! And starting out with a bang, outstanding ass on her.

  4. ElGringo

    Very good booty I say, the jigging wraarrrgh

  5. Josh

    Link to the video??

  6. Bootyman96

    Alright! Now this is how you come back from a short hiatus. You show us a new Franceska Jaimes and man she looks as better than ever.

    • Bootyman96

      Oh yeah and can we have the video link?

  7. Anon7389

    The relief! YES, YOU’RE BACK!

  8. blackfrost

    *explodes all over the computer and desk*, finally i feel better now. been holding that in for days now.

  9. Squidhunter


    Welcome Back!!!!!!

  10. Maceo

    Weeerree baaack

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