Diamond Doll Video Vixen

Clips of thick Canadian Arabic chick Diamond Doll from a music video and a classics compilation.

10 Responses to Diamond Doll Video Vixen

  1. Jason

    Does anybody know who the rapper dude is? & yeah I know I’m late… smh

  2. Neto

    Fuck that I’ll still fuck her…shhiiiitt

  3. Trav

    Hahahaha, she live downtown Toronto, and she strips in mississauga… Ass is fake, she had it done, she says it herself. And she’s a squirter. Fucks good but her pussy smells horrible. And she give amazing head.

    • Chukou

      Stinky pussy? Yuch!!! You just killed my fantasy w ur post.

  4. Funkyship

    And if anyone can post a link to her MTV Creeps episodes, much abridged. Apparently MTV Canada and MTV (REGULAR) are different smh

  5. Funkyship

    @BOTD thnx for this. I saw her videos floating around but didn’t really take notice. Checked out her Instagram and YouTube like a st8 stalker since. One thing up!

  6. Chukou

    That Ass is the cure to world famine!

  7. moose

    looks like a tumor

  8. Boooty freak

    Damn! That’s a lot of ASS

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