24 Responses to Curvy Bubble Booty Asian Kousaka Riko

  1. Cb&Eb

    Chicago , where your Asians are in the shadows so it seems / . this chick is foreign fine +1

  2. Maxwell

    She’s so cute, I don’t mind the teeth she is Asian, and it’s pretty common, I’d wife this chic in a heartbeat and give her a couple of kids.

  3. SkeetSlanga
  4. BigAssVoyeur

    Yo, Sages! Help a brutha in need.Can anyone ID the girl and the scene in this gif (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5evTUTHQ_p-emtaVy1RbHhnOTA). I know the guy’s Rico Strong, but the girl….

  5. Booth freak

    Didn’t notice teeth, too busy looking at that ass. She can sit that on my face any day!

  6. Jay
    • lars

      jesus christ . most girls on cosmid arent porn girls tho

    • yabajaba

      “I know what she will not be for everyone because of her body type”. From her profile on Cosmid.

      Is he not a fan of pawgs or somethin? Seems like every other girl on there is so busty to the point where they look a bit too saggy.

      Also: “As you will hear in her intro video she has done modeling before, but never anything like this type of modeling.”

      Look forward to seeing more; it’s rare that the girls on that site do only one vid and bail. Don’t forget to check out Hanna Hurst on there. Seems like she’s been long forgotten but imo her body is a lot hotter.

    • Poohbia

      Damn son, botd needs to check this chick out and get more info, chicks bad

    • Maxwell

      Now that’s a bonfied dud, clicked on the video expecting a hottie, instead found a fatty.

  7. call_of_booty

    Belive it or not, but bad teeth is a thing I Japan

  8. C.A.

    She’s cute

  9. ilovemesomebooty

    I don’t think she has weird teeth. She just has a smile which exposes more of her teeth flesh.

    Do you know a pornstar named “pinky”? She has a fantastic ass but her teeth has a huge gap in the middle. I’ve seen girls with fantastic butts but with bucket teeth.

    Miss Kousako-riko has a decent smile compared to other girls. All that matters is her fantastic ass and cute face. If she doesn’t cry like she’s being raped during sex, i would take her home any moment of the day.

  10. Skione

    I wouldn’t see her teeth with my cock I in her mouth

  11. botd

    I think they’re all from the same movie, DKB-023. The first clip is from the very end.

  12. JAVKing

    Where is the first clip from?

  13. Bootyluva

    Can you link us the first gif?

  14. Electriwizard

    Who cares about the teeth!! That’s a healthy ass. Nice shape, right height, and asian. Keep up the good work BOTD. There’s nice booties in all the colors of the rainbow. Keep ’em coming.

    • naughtynuff4u

      exactly. i forgot she had a mouth.

  15. beardo

    That’s what ii want to take home every night.

  16. naughtynuff4u

    don’t you like when a girls thong gives the illusions that their asses getting bigger? i more of a panty guy but its the the shape of the ass depending on what underwears that are being worn by the girl that makes her ass look bigger.

    • Xero_shift

      Which is why I’m fan of boyshorts… with stripes. @_@

  17. iceman8069

    Wow…what a great shape…and she’s cute..damn…I ran out of words to say

  18. blackfrost

    still a nice ass thou without looking at her smile

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