Remote Controlled Thick Girlfriend

katie-cummings-remote-controlled-girlfriend-1 katie-cummings-remote-controlled-girlfriend-2 katie-cummings-remote-controlled-girlfriend-3 katie-cummings-remote-controlled-girlfriend-4 katie-cummings-remote-controlled-girlfriend-5 katie-cummings-remote-controlled-girlfriend-6

Or …. “Man Controls Thick Woman with remote, takes advantage, and uses her body for sexytime.”

via Daddy’s Playground

Somebody needs to invent one of these. Preferably preset to Silent Mode. No offense ladies.

Press the button for the banging.

8 Responses to Remote Controlled Thick Girlfriend

  1. Asslova

    Hey botd where can I place my order for that remote…?

    • botd

      Haha I’ll send you a free one after I invent it.

      • KingJ

        You probably would win the Nobel Prize for that lol!

  2. Bootox

    That is a great idea. I would make her work all night…
    Button press: Suck it!
    Button press: Ride.
    Button press: Ride faster!

  3. blackfrost

    i really like the size of this girl, she isn’t to thick and not a bone. she is perfect size and everything to go with her

  4. poohbia

    Katie Cummings was one of my go to chicks in her prime, dudes lucky to be with her

  5. Bubba

    Is she made in china? cuz she’s taking to long, suck faster dam it.

  6. Blaximus

    The things i’d do to this woman…

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