15 Responses to Schoolgirl Sisters in Short Skirts

  1. Scott

    I would like to have contact with them please.

  2. aluvio

    Y’all some bad bitches ill fuck both

  3. Harry Dick

    Photo shop to the rescue!

  4. Bootox

    Definetly better now. The left girl is somewhat hotter.

  5. Nanaue

    Who gives af if ps or not, they still good

  6. botd

    Definitely my favorite pic this year so far. This version, not the other one.

  7. heroin

    fucking putoshoot its fake http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BWtDKS0IIAAu887.jpg:large
    ah the name girls is

    Gisele Mona and Serena Torres

    • poohbia

      I don’t mind PS when the chick looks somewhat like it IRL, but this is ridiculous

    • Bubba

      FuK! I prefer them this way!

    • Beans

      It’s not like you’re gonna meet them in IRL, so why the fuck does it matter if it’s photoshopped?

      • poohbia

        Idk about you, but I come to this site to check out new material

        I cant look up chicks to find new content that are PS’d because they dont exist

        • botd

          Complaining about that all the time on a FREE site that gives you the most info and links to additional content (from me and from the community) makes you sound…well…just a little silly.

          Also, most people come here for the pics.

          Ok I take that back. Your complaints are entertaining. Usually people here are scared to comment or don’t know what to say on the pics unless somebody says something that makes you facepalm.

          • poohbia

            No ones complaining. Im just responding to @Beans

          • botd

            Okay and I was responding to your response. You can replace the word complaining with whatever word you’d like.

          • poohbia

            Cool story bro

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