25 Responses to Ass Bodacious

  1. GDUB

    I wish she had more pics.

  2. GDUB

    I wish she had more sexy pics.

  3. poohbia

    She is a true butterface with a blessed ass

    Would totally smash

  4. Neto

    Holy mother of pearl!

  5. blackfrost

    no matter what, who ever is hatting, let them hate. my right hand is still hairy lol

  6. realreal

    Sure the united states are filled with machofags that believe that women are their property or objects haha.

    • ANT

      for a straight guy you sure know about fags than themselves much do you?

  7. Troublemaker

    I’ve actually talked to her and her man. Throwing up these photos was his idea. They’re both really down to earth. You guys trashing her for it are fucking morons. Do a little research before you make idiot assumptions.

    • ANT

      do you know them personally? you take much of yourself looking for online relationships talking and messaging to girls you know got damn well you aren’t never going to meet. she probably works less hours and more money than you looking at girls you never meeting personally. get a job and stop looking for relationships on tumblr fb and twitter.

      • ANT

        instead of living off the internet. you are making idiot assumptions like you know them personally.

  8. stitch


  9. Girls these days

    NICE ASS, OK to look at but on her page it says “not single” lol. What man enjoys having his girlfriend post this kind of shit. Its just funny.


      what girls do to get famous. she looks like the type who looks for attention from everyone else except she doesn’t acknowledge those that support her. she needs to spend time with her bf instead of degrading herself. yeah what guy allows her to post her ass then acts insulted of another guy who types cheap polite comments and agree with every comments she make because he wants to spray his penis puke over ass? fucking hypocrites.

    • botd

      She could say she’s single, and have a bunch of dudes hitting on her, or she could say she’s not single, and have a bunch of dudes judging her. Oh well, sad day for her.

      But wait, this is a booty site and I thought we were supposed to be encouraging girls to expose themselves.

      • drisvisic

        Even if she were married, showing that luscious butt should be coaxed and commended daily. :-3

      • Afroman

        Bringing moral talk on a booty site. Has to be a virgin.

    • ks4714

      How much of herself is she ‘exposing’? I’ve seen much more on Tumblr (and other sites) and she’s not even asking for money or to buy her shit. A few booty shots like she’s posted aren’t going to end the world, and it’s not like she was gonna run for president someday and these pics are gonna ruin her chances….

      If my girl looked had a booty like that and was willing to put it out there, I’d TAKE the damn photos and tell the WORLD I was hittin it every night!


        well we know you aren’t an expert on keeping secrets lol. my point is girls want to act so sensitive when they post photos of themselves when other dudes leave their perverted comments then block them after the fact. so why do they leave their photos of their ass and know what response they receive? that’s like dude walking into a gay bar and get offended @ every guy who wants to date him. he knew what the place is before he walked in.


        after your comment no girl wouldn’t ever trust you keeping secrets in a relationship even if she told you to keep them to yourself lol.

        • ks4714

          dude… if you’re so worried about stuff like this, do the world a favor and stop visiting these types of sites! as for me… MORE BOOTY!

          • botd

            To be fair, I don’t think he has a problem with this site. I agree with him that girls get sensitive after posting photos like that of themselves and then acting like they’re shocked when they get hit on. But I’m gonna have to disagree if he says she’s degrading herself.

            Anyway guys be nice. Don’t make me regulate. We’re all friends here.

          • NAUGHTYNUFF4U

            don’t misunderstood im not protesting what you post on your site. it’s your site post what you like. if i didn’t like your site i wouldn’t post any comments. i will confess she has a nice ass and cute @ that. my definition of degrading is she’s desperate for attention to post photos of her ass on her site. doing the world a favor? im commenting to your response ks4714 not the world. fuck the world. ks4714 im not getting personal with you or against you. you like ass? fine. it’s great to make an argument about each others views and perspectives respectfully. arguments makes conversations interesting. im making a point about her. i followed her on tumblr then unfollowed her because of what she did to one of her followers like i stated stated from the recent comment above.

  10. Al bundy

    I’m trying so bad to not fap to this women .. Lol

    • HWBD

      Lol but shouldnt you be bud bundy instead

      • botd

        Nah he’s Al cause his hand’s down his pants.

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