14 Responses to Kelly Divine’s Big Phat Oily Ass

  1. The Corizo

    Wonder if her ass got bigger after her kid

  2. Bootox

    Agree with you all. One of the best PAWG on the scene. She has several good videos…..

  3. Traxx

    One of my fave’s of all time

  4. Yeah

    It seems like she’s been ruling the game since forever…queen of PAWGs shall never bend, as she mends us together with her juicy booty and luscious attire.

  5. Ben

    what video is this from?

  6. juni

    Omg! The best! The fattest pussy is from my all time favorite pornstar Olivia O’lovely!

    • Traxx

      Olo is one of the best of all time dude, period


    • John

      TRUE DAT!!!

    • Beans

      Know any new O’lovely vids?

      • Pete

        She’s been retired since 2009, no new videos

        • Beans

          Ahh, that sucks lol

  7. Jason

    Kelly Divine has a fat vagina! Oh my goodness!

  8. bangdat

    four words: In the ass- HARD

  9. kdizzle429

    The queen of PAWGs! She’s so perfect.

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