13 Responses to Sheyla Mell from Miss BumBum 2013

  1. ilen

    que COOL

  2. poohbia

    Yea, butt implants,/injections are really popular in south america. She looks like she got something done to her ass, but its still nice to look at

  3. Brent

    Lawwwwd have mercy!

  4. botd

    Guys, maybe they just work out?

    Nah but I agree, I’m seeing a lot of that coming from South America recently, especially Colombia.

    • realreal

      I’m from Chile and here we’ve a lot of big butts, but i didn’t know about ass surgery till i saw it in this site like one year ago. I haven’t seen something like this brazilian girl, there’s not even a little jiggle in that ass.

      • asdf1

        viva chile mierda

  5. Darkaholic

    is it a contest to see who has more plastic in the butt?

    • GreenEggsAndHam

      How do you know there plastic in there butt? (o.o)

  6. Renich

    Fuck that bitch! Check out 7′ 30”


    • Ctgis

      Looks like she had a butt injection. Infact, I think about three or four of those ladies had some work done to their asses.

    • HWBD

      Yeah i would fuck that bitch

  7. Cakey

    You know she could wolf down some burgers.

  8. Boooty freak

    Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin bout

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