16 Responses to Buxom Burlesque Babe

  1. Yolodrol

    Personally I think voluptuous asian broads are the best, but Caucasian broads ain’t bad either, end of the day as long as they got ass it’s a smash.

  2. urs

    smash like hell…

  3. Byron

    Smash fo sho

  4. reservoir dog

    sorry, but she looks like a dude to me.. is this the same?


    • HollaBoy

      yeah man , girl looks like a dude !!
      thing is she got a phatty backside, u can’t get that with surgery can u ?
      i heard of implants but that would seem tuff to do with no scaring. and the legs look thick as well. but in the face girl looks like a str8 dude. im staying away. Lol

      • botd

        Damn I was gonna give 5 good reasons why I think she’s female, but that new FB profile pic she just put up is giving me second thoughts. I still think she’s female but just pretends to be a transvestite sometimes. Anyway I already fapped to the video so she just HAS TO BE a female goddammit.

  5. Basileus

    10/10 would hit it like a freight train.

  6. Zoltan

    Smash? Abso-fuckin’-lutely! Gorgeous chick. Thanks man.

  7. Bootylover88

    Damn,wrong Nick! 😀
    Smash and wife her! so 😀

  8. laughordie

    pass! Just kidding lol… Her performance is legendary. Thanks for the gif!

  9. Andres

    Fuck yeah smash!!!! Thanks for.this man. We love you! No more than we love that booty tho…

  10. BSD

    BOTD –

    This is a trick question, right?


    I woiuld LOSE MY FUCKIN’ MIND on this woman. Hell, I’m tryin’ not to jack right now just lookin’ at her.


  11. blackfrost

    smash no doubt

  12. HollaBoy

    SMASH!! her thickness is just right !

    • Hollaboy

      Who is she ? And do she have any videos on YouTube ???

      • botd

        Zaftigg Von BonBon or something. Yeah click the buttons under the post.

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