16 Responses to Creep Shots at the Grocery Shop

  1. Bootylover88

    We need to collect the booty girls…for..fun 😀

  2. jason

    shes a friend of mine so shes real

    • botd

      You’re asking me to tell you who your own friend is?

      • jason

        no im asking how u found her thats hot

        • botd

          Okay. It was a while ago so I don’t remember which site.

  3. jason

    this one


    • botd

      No idea bro. Sorry. But a little birdie told me that maybe… just may be… that might not be real.

  4. jason

    im looking to see if u can tell me who a girl is that u posted?

    • botd

      Depends. Which one.

  5. Jason

    BOTD how can I send you booty pics so you can post them?

    • botd

      You can send to bootyoftheday@gmail.com … but we hardly ever post submissions.

      • jason

        then how do u find the girls

        • botd

          The world wide webs, internets and youtubes. Nah but that’s like asking KFC what’s the Colonel’s secret recipe.

          • Cook


  6. realreal

    good lord that’s perfection. More!

  7. RL

    Definatly the ass of the day

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