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Thick Girl Tight Squeeze

Okay story time…

>So I’m walking down the block in NYC
>See homeless lady with a sign
>Sign says “Smile if you Masturbate…”
>First thing I think of is all the masturbation jokes I make on BOTD
>Start smiling hysterically
>Can’t stop
>Still walking down the block after passing her…
>It’s downtown Manhattan, there’s a jillion people there
>Kept trying my hardest to wipe stupid smile off face
>Quickly realize all these people walking towards me will see me smiling like an idiot…
>Then when they reach the lady and read the sign, they’ll think I’m a serial masturbater
>Kept smiling for a good two blocks
>Now whole bunch of people think I jerk off
>Real great

Does anybody have an ID on her?