17 Responses to Big Butt PAWG Bed Twerk

  1. bootox

    This girl is good. Beautiful. Knows how to move her ass. Knows how to tease.

    Her beauty looks somewhat natural and resembles me of Naomi. Of course, Naomi’s ass is/was incredible.
    Mandy is definitely thicker than the first time I saw her, but I hope she continues to grow that thickness.

  2. Southwestern

    I would hurt her.

  3. blackfrost31

    love to see her full blown necked but she is a twerking queen no doubt.

  4. poohbia

    Damn son, that’s nice

  5. iceman8069

    She looks like she’d feel good!


    Id love for her to do that to my face

  7. Undead

    Good to see her progress on getting thicker, she was skinny and average when she first started. (Mandy Kay)

  8. beardo

    Meh. Twerking is starting to get overdone. Always been overrated.

    • yabajaba

      Yup not a fan of the twerking, but she certainly knows how to move well outside the twerking. Check out her youtube stuff.

    • poohbia

      Yeah I feel you

      Its not overrated when it’s done during sex though

      • bootox

        Maybe it’s really overrated (I like twerking). However, it’s true that a girl who can make some of these moves during sex it’s not something to be ignored, that’s for sure.

    • Asstrobootyologist

      Shiiiiiiiiiii you outta control only my gf’s twerk gets overrated.. Any bad bitch who I have not yet stained in this world with a phat ass will get abuse bruh No lie.

  9. iheartbutts

    great thickness and jiggle…..

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