15 Responses to Yoga Booty Stretch

  1. Janos

    You’r all warm up, now cum here!

  2. Fam


  3. Beastly

    lmfao this is why I started doing yoga, to see this shit in front of me on the daily

    • mee(a)t

      I did a little yoga in middle school and my teacher… Omg…I wanted that “teacher fucks student” moment

  4. OG
    • reservoir dog


    • poohbia

      Damn, she looks like fun

  5. bigswole

    I find her booty tattoo utterly attractive: http://instagram.com/p/ovqo1bSV6m/

  6. Chukou

    Maybe she would like to practice Kama Sutra with me.

  7. botd

    Oh, shout to bigwole for the link.

    • bigswole

      thanks. i wish should would do some fully nude stuff though.

  8. Jason

    Do u have the video of this?!

    • botd

      It’s from two videos from her Instagram I combined together. That’s the full length of them, but there’s others.

  9. Kees

    Wow, who is this beauty?

    • botd

      I posted her Instagram link above.

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