10 Responses to A Girl Named Lucille – Part 1

  1. john q

    who is this lucille and is that youtube vid posted anywhere else? they removed it as a violation

  2. Agnostic Rasta

    Yeah that’s what people were saying on you tube, that bitch is Mexican for real

  3. Melo

    Dude she is not white, she is latin like a muthafucka

  4. eddy

    I think that girl is latina. Not white.

    • Agnostic Rasta


  5. bliz

    heres the whole video guys… sorry if i ruined it… lol.


  6. Danil

    I’ll be locking myself in my office more often.

  7. Dre

    I never seen a white girl shake ass that well

  8. SnubWorthy

    Well damn, now I’m anticipating part two!

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