Cute Curvy Instagram Girl

via @julesss_xxox

Usually I don’t care about faces, but she’s purdy (IMO), and she looks like she can suck a mean one.

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  1. kyle429

    I found her again! She changed her IG name. It’s now @dead.after.dark

    She is so dang fine! Most flawless PAWG on Instagram? I think so.

  2. Dig

    Her instagram disappeared??

    • dbow

      Yeah both shut it down

    • Ty


      • kyle429

        Page not found 🙁

  3. Harry Dick

    Lots of complaining going on here girls. She makes my cock wet, that’s what truly matters. Don’t give 2 fucks about her 220 or what kinda ball-less fuck she’s attracted to. She’s cumming home with me end of story.

  4. kyle429

    If ever there was a personification of the word “flawless”, this chick is it! Holy crap. She’s gorgeous and sexy as hell!

  5. Shadyman1

    All of the fat from her stomach has been relocated to her arms it seems. Each arm must weight 50 lbs. especiallyher upper arms. I mean that’s is if she weighs 220

  6. Bootyman96


  7. Brownhornet22

    She looks good from what I can see on her IG page. But, like some others have alluded to, she can’t be 220 lbs, unless she’s hiding more fat somewhere.

  8. That guy

    Why do girls like this always put “taken” on their Instagram? What man would allow their guy to hoe themselves out via social media just for followers.

  9. Luv Da Big Booty Hoes

    Yeah…. Not sure if this girl looks as good as the pictures would indicate. If she’s 5’5″ and 220 then her belly would be significantly bigger than these photos suggest. I think there’s some manipulation taking place, but then again she may just carry her weight exceptionally. I just don’t think this is likely. Also, I’ve noticed white girls that look like this tend to have boyfriends that look like Fred Durst and Ed Hardy had a kid together and taught them how to be the biggest douche stains on planet earth. This girl is, sadly, no exception. Not a hater, just stating the obvious.

    • Brownhornet22

      You’re right about the boyfriends. I’ve noticed that, too. Could be ’cause white girls who look like this can be real bitches, sometimes.

    • kyle429

      Not saying you’re wrong, but regarding the height/weight, she may have just forgotten to update her IG bio. Regardless of the numbers, she’s gorgeous! Lol.

  10. Pete

    alright now….

  11. Greg

    Gorgeous natural ass!

  12. Yeah

    Suck a mean one? She toooo heavy tho

  13. Maxwell

    Says she’s 220 lbs no thanks. I bet she looks terrible naked, those Instagram angles and filters.

    • AlphaBlaze


    • botd

      She could weigh more lbs than a neutron star and it wouldn’t matter cause we already know her midsection looks proper, so God forbid she gets naked and her tits and ass are even bigger than we thought. Oh no, the horror. /s

      • AlphaBlaze

        She doesn’t look bad In these pic’s but that 220 lbs throws me off. She definitely doesn’t look like she weights 220 in these pic’s though.

  14. RasTrent

    I said gotdamn!!!

  15. blackfrost

    very great post. i would worship this all day and night

  16. john

    Pix 2, 3 and 4 really gets me going.
    My kinda girl.
    Excellent post BOTD

  17. 843bigred

    Damn she looks like she feels soft, I like.

  18. iceman8069

    Damn…she looks delicious and fun!

  19. poohbia


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