Nerdy Big Booty Schoolgirl

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  1. Shakalaka

    Do you know if I can find more of this girl? Super hot. Great site, btw!

  2. Yabajaba

    Valleriejonnes: Just discovered. Not the BIGGEST ass out there but it’s nice for sure but really, it’s this girl’s hips that are kinda nuts. Imo she looks better in her older recorded shows.

    CurvyJules69: Internet algorithms seem to be at work here. One of her vids got recommended to me on YT and noticed another comment mentioning the same.

    Hellennsweet1: Still camming and its been years! Imo she got a bit TOO thick but the ratio is still kinda there; her ass is ridiculous and her private show cost is still dirt cheap

    Ariadna_cox4u: Was browsing her stuff via old recorded shows [one of the main free sites just got taken down] and she got WAY thicker.

    Kinda nuts how some of these girls just seemingly only do livecamming for years, some which never really get discovered. I’d imagine Covid saw a huge influx of camgirls. Wonder how many top-tier body types never got discovered & eventually quit.

    On another note, I notice that these girls are almost ALWAYS from another country. In that area, why are our laws so shitty about these things? Were it common for women here to provide camgirl services online….or via other means….I might consider! There’s this one young lookin girl who got somewhat popular through a couple scenes on FAkings. Slender, but THICC ass. Then one day outta nowhere, I see her on YT in some vids doing what I guess they call “ENF EUF”. It made me wonder if she was a “for hire” model. The internet is nuts. It seems there’s a lot out there that happens “behind closed doors”.

    • botd

      Nice. Yeah was planning to do a post for the first three, just wasn’t sure if I should make them part of a compilation or a dedicated post for each. True they’re hot. Gotta check out the last one tho, don’t think I saw her before. Thanks.

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