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  1. Stevie

    can anybody give me a link to this vid? can’t find it anywhere…

    • botd

      Usually links are ok, but Iinks to Steph Kegels videos aren’t allowed on this site.

  2. Omayzin77

    I am in love. 4 real!!!

  3. syndixate


  4. Neko

    hi i need the link for that video pls D:

  5. sam121

    She is almost a twin to my wife, but Steph is probably 20 years younger!! Same delicious curves as my wife!! Yes,I have a very hot wife that wont let me video her, so, thank you STEPH KEGELS!!!

  6. Davefox89

    absultey love theese library videos….. i want to make one

  7. flavio andróide

    Eu nunca vi uma exibicionista tao corajosa….fiquei com tanto tesao q salvei seu video delicia nomeu celular e no meu email……..vc e muito gostosa…..queri tanto conhecela…….

  8. Dubb $

    Yeah this chick is definition of Perfection! Her videos are on xvideos web site. keywords ‘public library’ and ‘nerdy girl’ has full 25min video!

    • NastyNate

      Thanks, it actually worked!

      To save everyone else some time, here’s the link:

      • botd

        Thanks for the link NN. Usually it’s cool to post links here, but in this case, the web cam site sent me an email asking me to remove the links, ya know.

        • NastyNate

          Okay, I understand.

          I guess it makes sense that sites would like you to pay for their content, rather than finding it elsewhere for free…

          • Jb

            Where can I find video 🙁

  9. BigV

    I’m in love this girl is so sexy

  10. Pacha

    Wow. Amazing Ass. I want to go to that school

  11. poohbia

    I been following her on twitter for a while but never realize how thick she was


  12. Bootyman96

    Bootyman apporves! New favorite cam girl. What a naughty book worm.

    • Bootyman96

      Holy crap I found it!! [link removed for legal reasons]

      • blade

        did anyone save that video before it got deleted?

        • botd

          If it got taken down, either she or the cam site requested it. Funny thing is, her and the site probably got a whole bunch of visitors, followers and sign ups, precisely because that video got leaked. I’ve seen at least two other places where somebody made gifs of the video and they went viral. On Reddit and on Tumblr.

          If somebody’s gonna upload it somewhere, don’t post the link over here, cause I can’t violate them like that. But if they make me take these gifs down after I linked to both of them, that’s a different story.

        • botd

          Oh you can try to ask her how to get it on Twitter. You might have to pay like 5 bucks, but it’ll be better quality than a Tube. I’ll ask her for you.

        • botd

          Email me so I can tell you what she said. bootyoftheday at gmail

  13. DG


  14. donnie Darko

    i guess i will be going to the library more often.

  15. woudidi

    need full video pls !

  16. Brando

    Her body is so appealing to me. I would love a taste of her.

  17. Queefsniffer

    I can dig it!

  18. realreal

    Her belly and curves are amazing, i love her

  19. Assman206

    Wow, all I can say is wow. I would of loved to “accidentally” see all that

  20. agaaaah

    where can I find the entire video ?

    • botd

      There’s another one here. But make sure to click the right button to download.

      Edit: Had to remove the video links.

      • agaaaah

        Can you just give us a legit link ? Like mediafire, mega, etc. ?
        These two websites aren’t legit, full of viruses.


        • botd

          That’s where I got them from. Use a Downloader extension if you don’t know where to click. If you want a legit site to download from, go to her cam profile page and sign up.

          • agaaaah

            I succeed to download the video ! But there is a problem… inside we can’t see the scene where she’s totaly naked and fingering himself at the ground

          • Gate Nk

            Worked just fine for me!

  21. DC

    Awesome girl! Thanks 4 sharing m8, you sure know how to find them fine azz cuties! 🙂

    • botd

      No problem. If you like it, follow her on Twitter and/or check out her cam page.

      • Atila

        someone has the cam page it?

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