20 Responses to Jessie Minx Undresses

  1. 100 cm lover

    Smash, doggy style only.

  2. Bootay

    I don’t understand why it is so hard to find vids of her on the internet. No torrent, no nothing.

    Anyone wants to pay the monthly fee and share the whole library with us fellow booty lovers?

  3. Bootox

    Looks like this one is aproved by everyone. SMAAAAAAASH!

  4. Bigboss1208

    I would FUS RO DAH DAT ASS with my PENIS!

  5. BigCity


  6. Spungn

    Totally fukn smash!!! LOVE the last 2 comments!!!!

  7. ks4714

    I would smash that so hard, whoever pulled me out would be crowned the next king of England!!!

  8. Pete

    I’d smash that with Mj√∂lnir in a heartbeat

  9. Yeah

    if u dont wanna smash, I dont know whats wrong with you.

  10. Suresh

    Smash!! ofcourse.

  11. blackfrost

    i would smash with more power then Zeus himself on that ass!!! Thks for posting this, been checking her out all the time and she has got a little bit chubby but still fine as shit. yea i would go broke for this chick lol

  12. tmak100

    Hulk smash

  13. poohbia

    How is this a “smash or pass”? What booty lover would pass on this?

    • botd

      Haha. True. The reason I made it a smash or pass is cause she looked like she was getting a little chubbier in her recent Twitter pics. That has nothing to do with this post tho, so yeah, you’re right.

      • BSD

        BOTD –

        You my dawg, but I gotta ask. Are you kiddin’?!

        Smash or Pass???

        This is a trick question, right?

        Man, I would SMASH this girl until laws were broken. As far as her gettin’ a little chubby, well, your pride and joy here is a BOOTY blog, and most of us in here would always prefer a little more to a little less.

        You still bringin’ the noise dawg.



        • botd


          Sometimes making it a smash or pass makes it more interesting, even if it’s a silly question.

          Respect for the comments and for the information bro.

  14. Mags

    Total smash!!! She has the right amount of chunch!

  15. lol

    Who would pass? smash

  16. JayDUB415


  17. john

    SMASH 3 TIMES!!!

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