15 Responses to Franceska Jaimes Sex Shop Booty

  1. Main

    Nice work

  2. julian

    Does anyone have a better link or download

  3. poohbia

    Hell Yes

  4. Maxwell

    middle eastern women are my favorite with Latinas a close second, pawg a get an honorable mention.

  5. Sexcetra
  6. 843bigred

    she looks like she feels good. DAMN IT MAN

  7. Willie Beamon


  8. I like booties.

    I’m wondering if she and Nacho got back together or if they are just fuck buddies. Anyways, she’s so sexy and if she weren’t doing porn, she would still be successful as a model or even a TV personality host.

    • cutter

      She is bangin and I think she is a dime, but I highly doubt she would be a model and it’s impossible to say if she could do TV or not based off of porn. Porn and consumer product modeling are way different.

      • I like booties.

        She actually started out as a model but her ex husband, Nacho, introduced her to porn.

    • mee(a)t

      I didn’t know they dated

      • I like booties.

        Got married in 2003 but got divorced in the same year

        • I like booties.

          Meant 2006

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