50 Responses to Fine Friday Frontals – Part 13

  1. Sweet Jeebus


  2. Will

    Damn does anybody know this girl?

  3. pfunk_us

    I usually don’t post for ID request but , can anyone ID this whooty.


    • poohbia

      Nice find

  4. two_stack
  5. Anonymous

    I really need to know who this is:


  6. Electriwizard

    Number 5 does it for me. I can never get enough visual enjoyment from this cutie. Superb.

    • KingJ

      Omen, you are my brother 4 LIFE, THE REAL MVP SON!!!

  7. jo

    can anybody please identify???

    • BootyBay

      Steph Kegels on Naked.com

  8. Zorken

    Good post, BOTD! I never took the time to appreciate the frontal side of Alexis Texas… really beautiful.

  9. tallwomenfav3

    Hey, guys, how about this chick on ig, her name is Mindy, is she fine for friday frontals?


    • This Guy!

      Hmm…quite the looker. And yes, I think she is more than eligible for Friday Frontals, lest not we forget Thursday Thickness…wait…

    • botd

      I was about to post her too.

    • Jaymak

      She was built for backshots…. Sweet hell

  10. KingJ
    • botd

      Nice, thanks bro.

  11. Blue

    recop and more:

    1_Alyssa Sorto https://www.instagram.com/ms.alyssasorto/
    2_Chelsea Marie https://www.instagram.com/chelzmarie_/
    3_https://www.instagram.com/lenanersesian/, https://twitter.com/lenanersesian
    4_Carlotta Champagne https://www.instagram.com/carlottachampagne/, https://twitter.com/thecarlotta, https://www.reddit.com/r/CarlottaChampagne/
    5_Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa https://www.instagram.com/jailyneojeda77/
    8_Iskra lawrence
    9_Jasmine Chiquito https://www.instagram.com/jasminechiquito/
    10_Alexis Texas
    12_Erica Fett/Phecda Suicide https://www.instagram.com/Erica.fett/, https://twitter.com/ericafett

    please: 7, 11, 13

    • Mirza

      7 is steph kegels

      • Blue

        yes, you are right, the tattoo of the leg confirms it

        my error


    • cole

      11 is the real Kim Killz, she has an instagram.

      • Blue


  12. Swashbuckler

    I went to middle and highschool with 13 haha. Shes looking good still!

    • mrfrantic

      Who is she?

      • Swashbuckler

        Jet Velez

  13. Gianluca Salvatore

    Hey guys I uploaded in my pornhub channel exclusive videos of Love.Randalin aka Raylynn showin’ her tits and ass.She’s naked.Don’t forget to comment the videos.
    And here’s my channel, there’ also a video of Lacey Jane and a couple of videos with Tanya Barbie Lieder showin’ her boobs:

    • Beans

      My dude, wtf kind of ass is that?

    • Bootylover99

      Randalin ass is just plain nasty bro. lenatheplug is much nicer

    • Zorken

      Thanks, but no thanks dude.. That girl shouldn’t even be mentioned on a beautiful asses safe haven like this site. Randalin is just one sad mistake of nature that was brainwashed by fat apologists into thinking that those two sleeping bags full of rotten buttermilk she calls hips and ass are actually beautiful, and instead of admitting that she has a condition and try to change for the better, she declares that her ugliness is a beautiful thing and that she is in the same league as the actual big booty wonders posted on this site.. hah..

      I’m sorry for being that acid in my comment, I’m sure she got her fanbase that like her as she is (that’s why she is so confident and motivated to do this), I’m just definetely not one of them.. I really really dispise all this fatlogic stuff and the whole “ugly is beautiful because tell so” thing…

      • Zorken

        “ugly is beautiful because I tell so”.

        grammar mistake. My bad.

        • Zeet

          In booty research news.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM4fFQTBi3Q
          Randalin’s condition gets diagnosed on TV. At least she’s not in denial about her condition.

          • Zorken

            Yep, but there’s a treatment… that she so far refuses..

        • Zeet

          If you watched the video, she seemed eager to get treatment, especially for her daughter. She hadn’t been diagnosed until now. And the “treatment” is liposuction. You’re assuming too much pal.

    • This Guy!

      Uhhhmm…. 70 inches huh? And no.

  14. theMAc

    @iskralawrence twitter is number #8 ,, i just want her for Christmas haha

  15. KingJ

    Who is #3. I like her hip & it looks vintage

    • theMAc

      @lenanersesian that’s her twitter.. she also go’s by lenatheplug..

  16. Harry

    Who’s number 2?

  17. poohbia


  18. Ehem
  19. supa

    10 is alexis texas

  20. glossry

    Frequent this site all the time, and just wanted to let ya’ll know the word; which is this vid:


    Thanks BOTD

  21. Sweet Jeebus


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