14 Responses to There’s something about her…

  1. GDUB

    It’s so sad that she died so young, she was a good friend I will miss very much.

  2. G Whitley

    She’s one of a kind.

  3. thatblackguyagain

    LoL, it says her name on the pic. And she looks ntn like yurizan beltran

  4. Bootylover88

    Woah…thats a real woman!

  5. Aanglo

    Dude any have a video ? she’s so big!

  6. Phiece

    That’s the easiest thing to say, “it’s shopped” I’m not seeing anything fake.

  7. hangla


    sad, but it’s a shopped pic

  8. pinwi

    I dont think she’s Yurizan =/… I hope anyone can find her name

  9. yoyo

    hum, looks like a shopped pic of yurizan beltran

  10. jason

    who is this…

  11. KingJames

    What’s her name? I searched using the name of the photographer but couldn’t find something….

  12. FrankyBB

    Es Yurizan Beltran!!!!

  13. Lt.Col Dafuq

    Daaaaamn…o_o have me droolin’ and shit.

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