10 Responses to Curvy Camerella

  1. Camerella

    She’s back online at Camerella dot net now. Came out of retirement.

  2. Bootyman96

    She looks great

  3. blackfrost

    is she new on the sense? need to see more of this…and thx for the site. now i have to get a new keyboard but that’s ok

  4. dannt

    Wow! so perfect!, great post I love it, thanks BOTD…

    • botd

      n/p I’ll post some gifs of her soon.

  5. tallwomenfav3

    Another IG big booty girl: http://instagram.com/francielleluuz (brazilian).

    • botd

      Nice. Thanks. I’m gonna add a new section on this site called “The Big Ass List” or something with links to big booty Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit girls. You can see it right now at fappiness.com before I move it here eventually.

      • drisvisic

        Thank you for this pic and that info. Fappiness is a fantastic site. It’s like a pleasure gateway.

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