15 Responses to Gas Station Booty

  1. Poon Raider

    Nice car!

  2. Udder Appreciation

    Nice bubble. Nice shoes. But those gas prices are ridiculous.

  3. JimsaASSman

    Now that’s a DELICIOUS,PERFECT body

  4. Yeah

    Shopped or nah?

  5. Bubblbuttlvr

    It’s shopped

  6. Top dawg

    I saw that ASS first then I had to zoom in on the gas prices…..CRAZY!

  7. seanjohn100

    does anyone have an id?

  8. Porch monkey

    What do it smell like doe?

  9. Pete

    Honestly didn’t even see the gas prices until I read the comments

  10. naughtynuff4u

    lol i had make sure all of you were looking at the gas prices but come on, you all are going to honestly tell me you were looking at the gas prices first? give me a break lol.

  11. COE

    My Goodness. Those gas prices are ridiculous

  12. Mr. Grapes

    Shiiiit…look at those gas prices!!

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