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  1. Cook

    I’m two days late…but DAYUM! Haven’t been on here in a while but I cosign all positive comments about shorty. Gee whiz mo nelly, I’d be up in that jelly!

  2. 843bigred

    Darlene, Monica and Luana = Perfection

  3. Chaos

    Bit too old for my taste. Nice ass though.

  4. realreal

    One of the best in the industry

    Luana is another brazilian girl with a perfect bubble ass like Darlene. Sadly she’s not that popular.

    • BSD -

      REALREAL –

      The first time I saw Luana Alves I actually wept. That small waist that spread down to those unbelievably thick hips, ass and thighs… I cried like a little girl it was so beautiful. Maybe the most perfect shapely ass of all those Brazilian girls. But Luana wasn’t quite the freak that Darlene and Monica and a few of the other girls were. Still, she is HOF worthy.


  5. DellB

    Darlene Amaro is my favorite brazilian porn star. Monica Santhiago is a close second.

  6. poohbia

    There we go @BOTD, more real women please, less plastic

    As long as darlene still keeps herself up physically, who cares how old she gets

  7. Bootyman96

    Yeah Monica is great, but so is Darlene and yeah that Brazilian Booty is fucking awesome man. So yeah keep rooting for Darlene she still got it. She’s BOTD material lol.

    • Bootyman96

      No silicone is right all real booty! That’s the beauty of Brazil.

  8. KingOfBooty

    Darlene is bad no doubt but my all time fav was Monica Santhiago. That ass, those legs and man was she a freak. They just don’t make birds like that in America.

    • yoyo

      yup, darlene and monica are my fav too

  9. Brent

    Nothing wrong with her getting old! She will always be a big booty queen, do not forget that!

  10. T

    Darlene will always be the Shit

  11. BSD

    Friends –

    I don’t care how big she gets, I don’t care how heavy she gets, I don’t care how skanky she gets, I don’t care if all her teeth fall out.

    Darlene Amaro gets a LIFETIME PASS from this porn fan. For all the joy and fluid releases she and that MAGNIFICENT MUNSTA have given me over the past ten years, she has OG status in my Porn Hall of Fame. I will never disrespect this woman. I remember times I almost passed out watching that woman work.


    • Spungn

      That is proly THE BEST comment – period – ever!!!!!!!!

      • TheKing

        You couldn’t agree more…she’s a legend. Might as well call her and her ass “The Ageless booty”

    • Pete

      My man My man……AGREED !!

    • Urs

      that comment made me laugh and cry at the same time

    • BlackIce

      Ditto bro she’s my all time favorite! So surprised how when I talk about her ppl don’t know who she is… Her ass is second to none no one has that shape.

  12. Anon7389
    • Jay

      Hahaha. 😛

  13. blackfrost

    i would love for that to bounce on face anyday

  14. Pete

    Yeah bro !! She was in her late 30’s early 40’s when she jumped into the game….still hit though

    • Pete

      *meant to say early to mid 30’s is when she started…my bad

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