8 Responses to Naomi’s Bubble Booty

  1. Booty guy since 1985

    @realreal…. Unfortunately, Naomi is now HIV positive and no longer in the industry. I found that out a couple of weeks ago.

    • botd

      Are you sure, because a few people said that it was just a rumor.

      • Booty guy since 1985

        Allow me to rephrase that… ALLEGEDLY she is HIV positive. She hasn’t been seen in years and even closed her twitter site.

  2. realreal

    what the fuck happened to her, this was one of my first internet porns (yeah i came late to the party) and it was perfection for me, now i see Naomi and it’s just the average skinny girl with an skinny ass

  3. Ivan

    the best ass ever

  4. eddy

    Before she lost all that weight Naomi was WIFEY material. A true legend in the porn game.

    • yoyo

      can not agree more,
      don’t know what made her lose all this weight

      • balld


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