Tsukada Shiori’s Butt Cuff

By popular demand.

Reminder: You can fullscreen the video loops on desktop by hovering over and clicking the maximize button.

via maguro721.com

19 Responses to Tsukada Shiori’s Butt Cuff

  1. iheartbutts

    only if she knew how to shake and wobble all that ass……

    anyone have a link to download that video? thanks in advance!

    • botd

      Yeah I can’t recall if there are any Japanese girls that can clap and pop it.

      Check comments in Asian Ass 5 post

      • iheartbutts

        right?! i have yet to see one. if you find one u better post it! lol.

        ill check that out. thanks.

      • Caesar

        look up Japanese/Asian dancehall, you might be surprised or you might find it hilarious. Either way, good watch

  2. der

    Supa stacked!

  3. dannt

    Wow excellent! Hey BOTD, how can I download the videoloops if i’m on a mac?

    • botd

      The same way you download pics. Right-click or control-click to get the context menu, then select “Save Video As”

      • dannt

        thanks man! now its working, I had a bad divx add on.

  4. tommytbaron


  5. jaymak

    Backshot heaven….it looks like awesome softness

  6. Jason

    Do you have a link to the video of the 3rd one?! :O

  7. blackfrost

    to be honest it’s almost rear to see Asian with really nice asses like this back in the day. now days they are sprouting out here and there. great video

    • botd

      Thanks, I’ll check her out. Here’s a link for you but it’s kinda hidden.

    • Taiwatcher

      i got both of these vids, this jav chick has an amazing and she fucks like she’s in a crazy asylum.

      • Caesar


  8. adsa

    the video please!!!

  9. wheresthevideo?

    We need this video guys!

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