Sisters with Asses


So I might quit my night job soon, so if anybody has or knows of a position for Web Developer/Designer, 2nd shift in the NYC area, email me at

It’s tough when your portfolio is all porn sites, ya know.

(Not proud of this old pic, but I needed to post some filler.)

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  1. Mike Schmidt

    Those 2 are really hot.. what a great set of asses!!

  2. philiman

    That ass looks so good in them shorts

  3. Pete

    Hope it comes together for you bro
    And you’re right, money has been tight for a minute now for everyone

  4. Udder Appreciation

    I’m an investment broker and currently friendly with an entrepreneur who is raising capital for his start up venture. He needs some basic web design/photoshop type work done. He says he’s expecting to close an initial round of capital in the near future (any day). He may or may not presently have a budget to pay for the work. He’d likely offer to pay you for the work at the time he closes that investment round, and/or offer you equity in his company. Cash up front is probably unlikely… but if you’re open to hearing his pitch to determine if you’d be interested in equity, or deferring payment until he closes his investments, then I’d be happy to make the introduction with a strong recommendation. We’d want to use a different email address, of course 😉

    • botd

      Thanks man, but I’ve been in my current job for a really long time, so if I’m gonna leave, it has to be something that’s a sure thing and stable.

  5. Udder Appreciation

    this pic is nothing to be ashamed of. great work.

  6. Jack Reach Around

    Tell your boss about BOTD, if he still bitches he’s a fag. Who knows you might even SCORE a raise.

  7. iheatbutts

    best of luck to ya, buddy.

  8. DG

    hey BOTD it’s funny that youre posting this bc since like 3 weeks ago ZZ has started to post over Photoshopped pics to their site and it is not letting have free previews. you know how RK makes a girl with no butt look like she has a big ass, anyways good luck to you on finding a job man.

  9. Duke

    Maaaaan. Talking about jobs. Broke up with my girl 2 weeks ago AND got a week ago. Life is rough man.

  10. Joe

    curious what your portfolio looks like. Besides just this site. I’m a designer and photo editor for a site (not porn related at all lol) and make decent pay, but our field as you know sucks for pay and job hunting. So many jobs out there, but either not what you really do, the area or times suck, or the pay is a slap in the face for what the skills you have lol. That or you have to deal with a douche boss lol. Wish I were in NYC and could help you out.

    • botd

      I have a portfolio of flyers, posters, invitations and stuff, but it’s like 10 years old. But like you said, the print design industry is tough nowadays, so I got into web development/web design.

  11. dannt

    Check out Elance, i´m a designer too and sometimes when I dont have many clients or projects I just check out and check out for the daily opportunities the clients around the world post. Just have to upload you portfolio and make an account there, there is no charge to join and it works very good for me an lots of other freelancers in the bussines of arts, creativity and design. Its a good way to check out projects, may be it can help you too man.

    • botd

      Thanks dude. Since my portfolio is all about porn tho, first I’m trying Plan A, which is to see if there are any CEOs, managers, Human Resources reps or employees out there that are already familiar with my work and have the power to hook me up directly, without me having to go through all that stuff.

      If that doesn’t work, then I’ll keep Elance in mind when I do Plan B, which is to look for a job the normal way.

  12. mee(a)t

    Money problems?

    • botd

      Normally I wouldn’t have posted that, or even kept talking about this, but I aint sober so fuck it.

      Anyway, yeah, I mean everybody’s had money problems since 2008, so that’s true, I do have money problems. But more importantly, my boss is starting to get mad at something and he said some things I didn’t like. So best thing is to find something else to be on the safe side, so he doesn’t pull the rug under my feet, throw me under the bus, or however the fuck the saying goes.

      I mean in an ideal world I wouldn’t even need a job because my awesome loyal trusty visitors would have signed up to every link I post to help me keep it going. That’s wishful thinking tho.

      But guys it would really really help out if as many people as possible can sign up to LiveJasmin cam girls through this link. You can cancel after a month. For real tho.

      Cmon help me afford some salt and pepper to put on my Tang sandwiches. Haha, nah, it’s bad, but it aint Al Bundy level bad yet.

      • mee(a)t

        Sorry to hear that man. Why not expand your portfolio? That’s the thing with being a designer (or being in the art world in general)…you have to have many skills, be flexible and know people.

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