6 Responses to Cynthia Bang in the Back Seat

  1. poohbia
  2. blackfrost

    this is truly amazing. a top 5 i must say

  3. Bootyman96

    Absolutely one of the best.

  4. BSD

    Friends –

    Oh man, Cynthia Bang\Yaz Melendez. Years ago this was the first scene I saw of her and I nearly lost my mind. Her body made my mouth water. She reminded me of a younger, thicker, curvier, finer, Olivia O’Lovely. She only wound up doing about 10 scenes, all of them in Miami, and almost all of them web scenes. Too bad she wouldn’t leave Florida, cuz I think she could’ve been a big star if she would have come to California and tried her hand in Porn Valley.


    • KingJ

      Amen on that bro

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