23 Responses to Close Call at the Library

  1. dopeman

    what college is she at? or library for that matter??

  2. Kevin Tate

    Steph is the sexiest woman in the world

  3. Johnny

    Omg…I absolutely love it how you masturbate in public like that. My ex was just like that, and I loved her for it. Big turn on

  4. bana

    So much talent this year. I almost cant make a decision but if i must, i choose steph kegels. She is perfect.

  5. thevoid

    One time I was taking a shit in a stall that was next to the urinals in a bathroom in a library. The restroom had VERY shiny walls so it reflected the guy next to me, he was masturbating and he noticed I caught him but then he walked in front of the stall I was using and from the little gaps he was showing me how he masturbated.
    I thought I was a gonner till’ someone else entered the restrooms.

    Everything has a dark side to it (no pun intended, as the man was black)

  6. blackfrost

    This will make me want to visit the libary more now lol

  7. ilene

    Sexy library, this girl is awesome

  8. This guy!

    Question number one: How the hell did she get a camera propped up like that (cell phone?) without it looking suspicious? Question number two: you notice how the amateur gals are MUCH hotter than the “professional” stars? Well, most of them.

    • botd

      1. It’s a webcam and she does live cam shows, sometimes in public places. Sometimes libraries provide internet access with webcams instead of phones? At least they used to, not sure.

      2. I agree, but my reasoning is that it’s because amateurs tend to be thicker and more natural.

    • Douche Baggins

      She has the webcam in the screen of her laptop aimed down, I’d expect.

      I’m thinking it might be completely staged, like she does it after hours with some varying friends at the library, but maybe not.

  9. Maxwell

    This chic got that thick girl next door look, like a natural amateur look that I love, I’m in to these types of chics more than the ridiculous ass injected chics. Did you guys know she was Latina?

  10. mee(a)t

    I really hope I meet a girl like her. I’d have too much fun with her in public

  11. CharllesPepper

    Hey dude, 1st part!!! gif here….

  12. botd

    If you search for “library strip” on xvideos, you’ll get a bunch of pages of girls doing that. Almost enough for a separate genre or category.

    Turns out there’s a lot of pages of guys doing the library strip too. I was like wtf, are there actually girls out there that want to see dudes whip it out in a public library then start rubbing one out? It’s probably for gay guys, but I wasn’t staying on that page long enough to find out.

  13. Udder Appreciation

    So what’s her story? She clandestinely bangs herself in pubic libraries?

    • botd

      Some people say it’s not actually a real public library. Not sure if they mean it’s something like a very small school library, or if it’s a set. Or maybe they’re just chicken and refuse to believe somebody would do that.

      I think it’s mostly her stripping on live cam, but then she takes it up a level. Either her chat room gives her some crazy or perverted suggestions, or she’s like, “Hey guys, check this out” … Not sure how it works.

  14. botd

    I take risks here and there, but that seems way too risky, especially doing it all the time. Wonder if she does it more for the rush or more for the money.

    Which got me thinking… Does anybody know who the most popular cam girl is out there? The one that makes the most money? This isn’t a quiz, it’s a question, cause I don’t know.

  15. MansaMusa

    Steph needs to stop playing games. Look, all she needs to do is come to Virginia and we can get it poppin’ in any public library, she wants.

  16. 843bigred

    I like how she just pushed it up in her and stood there looking innocent. So damn sexy

  17. illphil

    May I help you with that lol

  18. poohbia

    Thats my girl 🙂

  19. BSD

    Friends –

    That shit was sexy as hell.

    Of course this Steph Kegels girl is sexy just standing there.


  20. Bootyman96

    Good ol’ Steph. I wonder if anyone recorded her recent live show now.

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