9 Responses to Big Ass Smacks

  1. Peter

    I’m pretty sure thats ShotzyMonroe. She’s on twitter, instagram, and vine

  2. MilwT


  3. NastyNate

    I… I can’t stop watching…

  4. Pete

    I just have to say, I fucking LOVE this site….thanks bro for being the man. Ric Flair has nothing on you

  5. York

    Damn!! Someone needs to find out who she is and where I can find more vids.

  6. blackfrost

    jiggle jiggle jiggle lol

  7. Spungn

    K, listened to this first w/o the sound cause I was at work. But then…..listened to it with the sound – instant skeet in the drawes!!!!!

    • Caesar

      LMAO, my dude^
      Oh what a difference the sound makes

  8. iceman8069

    Nice fat ass! I love it!

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