13 Responses to Blu Gem

  1. keith

    Don’t normally comment but blu gem is a bad muhafucka i’ll be your baby daddy!

  2. PolicaCulo

    She is proportioned like a midget. She probably is a midget, a really tall midget. Those freakishly small legs are a huge turn off… #SorryNotSorry

  3. tiny_taines

    Salad deserves a tossing!

  4. This guy!

    That fourth set down, her legs/thighs look awkward. Pretty face though! Definitely a bad mama-jama.

  5. Caesar

    She’s got the stallion look workin for her. Good looks BOTD

  6. Spungn

    True….to each their own…..but – DAAAAAYUM!!! I would DEESTROY this!!!!

  7. bigswole


    • Bubba

      I just want to see her as hole.

  8. John

    I can appreciate the beauty in all female forms.
    (To each, their own)
    I’m not really feeling these.
    Thanks for the work BOTD!!!

    • Jhon Wanker

      Feelings are for girls and fags! SShe’s having and effect on me.

  9. poohbia

    “Give it to me baby” – Rick James voice

  10. cutter

    Not really my kind of body, but yes. I would still hit it. Lawl

  11. Traxx

    “I would declare a Jyhad on that body!” (Lawl)

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