59 Responses to Big Booties in Bed – Part 12

  1. BigMike

    #11, seen the ass before. Katie cummings?

  2. Horace

    Absolutely beautiful

  3. Hekima Nash

    Booty; is still the best thing going. (on mine)

  4. Xizziano

    Why are the majority of these girls white? Even mixed an light skinned is hard to find

  5. BrotherDude

    Please send me the BlondeAndWet vids! @ southernviking99@gmail.com. thank you my brothers.

  6. Batboy12

    whos # 4,7,9,12,13?

  7. james king


  8. Bootyologist

    Would greatly appreciate those whooty wonders vids myself fam, good looking out

  9. Bootyman96

    V-Day post V-Day post where is the V-Day post? I the booty. it!!

  10. BSD

    Friends –

    I like ’em all, but #6 seems to be doing something special for me.


  11. Buonanotte

    Can I also get the videos? She’s damn fine!


  12. Delivery

    I have a few Blondeandwet’s Clip4sale videos

  13. Erik

    Who is #1,4 and 6? Please

  14. Erik
  15. M

    #13???? Anyone?

  16. BootyFreak

    I would eat and smash #1 all day…and night!

  17. DG

    any way of contacting you for a tiny favor?

  18. bootylover99

    Anyone got any links to blondeandwet videos where she gets banged?

  19. Mr Lanez
    • bootylover99

      Kelly Staxxx

    • i have no legs

      your hands to sticky to click the comments on your own link?? with her fuckn name in the second comment.. lazy fucks..

  20. poohbia

    #8 and 14, gimme that for breakfast lunch and dinner

  21. tmf_x

    Nothing like a meaty, naked ass in bed. Thank god I married one.

  22. Pablo

    Who’s #8

  23. Fapgod

    Any ID on #14? That booty is so thick that I wouldn’t pull out and get her pregnant. I mean just look at that amazing booty.

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