45 Responses to Big Booties in Bed – Part 8

  1. Jerome

    good god number 13 is fine

  2. Mk33

    Who’s number 3???

  3. That phat red ass

    Number one is by far the one that pumps my dick full of blood the most. Her ass and thigh’s look so fucking jiggly I want to smack that ass jelly all night long or for two minutes.

    • Bubba

      dammmm it, she be a skinny hoe, suck a dick photoshop. find me 11 and for got sakes pls tell me she’s got some butter. If she don’t I’m becuming a fucking monk.

  4. ineed1

    I need the name of 1!

  5. James

    Who is the girl at number 4?

  6. 843bigred

    12 is a pic of Pinky at her best. I want every woman on this post.

  7. phatphannyphun

    I have noticed in my big booty observations in life that a lot of red-headed white women have more ass than most other white women…

    • Snail_Eater

      Definitely agreed with you on that. My girlfriend is a redhead, and no matter how much weight she loses, her big ass always remains.
      Not gonna complain though

  8. Boo yah

    Whore number 4 is a fine looking bitch

  9. bigbootylova

    I just wanna sneak up from behind and give ‘er the D

  10. blackfrost

    number 1 till the day i die lol

  11. Bubba

    Since we’re all licking each others dicks over this post, I gotta say 2 makes me rub a little bit xtra grease.

  12. Beans

    #4 oh my dayyyyum!!!

    Before actually giving her the pipe, I would just eat that for hours! My god!!

  13. Chukou

    This is absolutely Art at it’s best!!!
    I love phat asses!!!

  14. BSD

    Friends –

    I just wanna mount #1 and live out the rest of my days there.


  15. DG

    who are 1, 7, 10, and 11? i think 10 and 11 might be the same girl damnnnnn
    10 and 11 is the winner imo

    • DG

      erase that! i only need to know 10 and 11 dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn

      • Alpha

        Same… I was trying to figure out who 10 and 11 is too. I think it’s the same girl

        • DG

          breh i cant believe we are the only dudes talking about 10, 11. you have great taste i respect you 🙂

          • botd

            I concur.

          • DG

            oh hey botd! yea im still here checking this post till someone ids her.
            i would appreciate it if you dont update the site until then thanks xD

          • botd

            @DG Haha. I think this is some more of her, but I don’t think she ever shows her face. Somebody guesses her name … did a quick search with it and couldn’t find anything. Can I update now? Pretty please?


          • DG

            just came by and saw the updates and was about to flip xD thank you for the help she’s amazing

  16. Jay

    Anyone know who number 8, 13, and 16 are?

    • Dnttrip

      Yea last one is my wife lol serious

  17. Bayes


  18. kyle429

    #4 is awesome too. Latina chicks are great.

    • Bryan

      #4 is Isis Taylor. Really wish that she’d do porn again…

      • iheatbutts

        i agree….

  19. kyle429

    Dibs on #6. Anyone got a name? There’s just something about baby oil on a nice round ass that does it for me.

  20. Albert

    Whos number 7, her face is daunting me, I need a name

    • Caesar

      I think it’s Soya Suicide aka Soya La Panda, she wasn’t that thick last time I saw her tho…….

  21. iceman8069

    I see my all time fave at #5…Anell Lopez…i used to be in love with that chick..i still look at her old stuff…she was so gorgeous and had such a ripe,round,perfect fat ass…i used to wanna knock her back outta place for real…hell,i still would!

    • botd

      Didn’t know that was her, but yeah she was hot.

    • poohbia

      Yup, i immediately recognized those tats and ass too. Loved that chick, she needs to come back

  22. john

    just something about that first pic…..

    • botd

      That’s Whooty Wonder aka BlondeandWet from a few posts back.

  23. That1Fapper

    Very nice set. Who doesn’t like seeing a phat ass in bed?

    I think some were repeats though. Or maybe I’ve seen ’em in other websites.

    • botd

      Yeah you probably saw them other places.

      Shit I wish I was the one taking original pics of these girls, but no time or money. Plus I’d be too busy banging to post anything.

      “Yeah girl, stick with me and you’ll be a star. Now let’s get this shot of you bending over. Stay right there and don’t move, and if you feel something average-sized, don’t worry about it.”

    • Yeah

      True sh*t. Nice post BOTD, saving the best of the week for the end.

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