11 Responses to Phat Ass Latina Shakira

  1. candidbootys

    http://www.candidbootys.net is the new site guys

  2. Pin2
  3. aluvio

    I wanna fuck u

  4. Pin2

    That shape almost looks like Darlene’s butt.

    • Dello87

      Touche nice call

  5. Bootox

    Ha! Nice vision! Ready for insertion…

  6. Asslova

    Dayum….perfect position.

  7. Douche Baggins

    Yeah, but from that video clip she must be a butterface… they don’t show it AT ALL heh

  8. Yeah

    Gotta love thick Latinas like these, goddam!

  9. pizdec

    Holy shit, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

  10. iceman8069

    Damn bruh! I’d kill it just like that! Perfect position!

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