39 Responses to Phat Ass Reddit Girl

  1. Sir Smashington


  2. Mark

    she reposted again, this time with face and longer vid. SMAAAAAASH!!!

  3. mafim

    smash all day until I die

  4. Ghost

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  5. Alf

    ……… Huh?

  6. BarneyRubble

    Imagine the aroma of that ass

  7. NeedH20

    I’m officially done with ass. I can’t take this anymore, there is no reason to look like that. Does she not realize what she is doing to people? You can’t just put that on the internet and expect everything to be ok. These are people’s lives youre fuckin with!

  8. Iceman8069

    I’m smashing the fuck outta this chick!!!!!

  9. beardo

    With the power of Thor. All hail Odin.

  10. mmmm

    anybody knows this chick’s other vids??? Boys come on!


    edit: not darlene amaro

    • oz

      Sara – realitykings (Cup Madness)

      • mmmm

        thx dude. but i wonder another vidz?

        • oz

          i find only one video

  11. Ben Redi


  12. theMAc

    dammm,, great find Botd.. definitely smash…

  13. fat

    anybody has this link to dowload or watch

  14. John

    Guys anyone knows who is this babe: http://camdimez.com/giant-whooty-with-tattoos-shaking-looking-good/

    Looking for her for ages!


  15. poohbia

    Without seeing her face, def smash

    Her face could change that opinion though

    • Douche Baggins

      Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to fuck. Her face is irrelevant once the tapping begins. Not planning on marrying her.

      • Zorken

        Preach it, brother, preach it..

      • poohbia

        Haha I knew this type of reply was gonna come sooner or later right after I wrote that comment

        Sometimes a face be so busted its a turn off tho

        • Beans

          Agreed. I ain’t smashin just cause the ass big. She gotta look good too the fuck.

          • Anonymous

            IKR? A little discernment once in a while never hurt. Whether it’s about physical preferences or subliminal warning signs, ignore them at your own peril. At the very least, you’ll end up protecting yourself from an STD. Worst case scenario, wake up one day and your name’s John Wayne Bobbitt.

  16. dutch boogie

    Smash with the velocity of a thousand boulders.

  17. Douche Baggins

    To steal a comment I thought was brilliant from a while back, ” SMASH WITH THE POWER OF 1000 SUNS!” lol can’t remember who said it.

    • dsgdsgdsgdsg


  18. _OoLover_


  19. Zorken

    How’s that even a question BOTD?

    SMASHand then I would use Dr. Strage’s Eye of Agamotto to lock me in an infinite time-loop so I could keep smashing it forever!

    “_thick_throwaway_, I’m here to smash!”

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